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Tech Crew

Tech Crew

Tech Crew
Sound Desk
Tech Crew is a society for anyone interested in technical theatre. Working mainly in the professional touring venue Warwick Arts Centre – including the black box studio, and the 550 seat theatre – we offer opportunities to work on a range of student productions - from lighting design, sound design through to set design and stage management.

We welcome all members of the student community, regardless of how much experience you have! We also run training throughout the year for members who want to try their hand at any type of technical theatre.
Elephant's Graveyard
Tech Crew organise lighting and sound designers for almost all the student productions here at Warwick and also provide equipment hire to other societies for use in their events.

We also organise tech for a lot of Warwick Drama shows as they’re taken elsewhere, and may have opportunities to go to the National Student Drama Festival, and the Edinburgh Fringe!
Theatre rigging

To join: first log in using the link at the top of the page. Then scroll down below to the membership options. You will then receive our frequent updates and newsletters about upcoming events.  If you want to know more, check out our website, or feel free to drop us an email!

This year we're aiming to have as much training in term 1 as possible to hopefully be able to put on full-size shows from January!



Warwick Students should select "Standard Membership". Non-Warwick Students should select "Associate Membership". Please note you need to be a member of The Societies Federation to join - this will be automatically added to your shopping cart if you aren't. Once a member of Tech Crew, you can also join the Warwick Drama Collective for free.
Socs Fair Video and Transcript
Hi I'm Ed and I'm the President of Tech Crew, Warwick Uni's technical theatre society. We do everything technical at Warwick from big musicals in the Arts Centre to small open mic nights. Join our society to learn more about theatre lighting, sound, set design, and stage management. I'm going to pass over now to some of our other exec members to talk about what we do and what we've got going on this year. 
Hi I'm Tash the Vice President. In Tech Crew we get a lot of exciting opportunities to work in the Warwick Arts Centre's two professional venues on campus where you can get experience in stage management, lighting design, sound design, set design, and more. We have ten of these shows per year in the Arts Centre and we also have tons of smaller shows throughout the year across lots of venues throughout the whole campus, so plenty of opportunities for anyone interested. So get involved! 
Hi I'm Ben and I'm one of the Social secs, we've got a variety of socials in mind for the future, most of which are sober-friendly. These usually happen around get-ins and get-outs for shows. We're a very friendly lot so come along and see for yourself. 
I'm Anwar and I'm the other Social sec. As members of the exec we're here to make sure a fun but safe time is had. What you can see now might give you an idea of what socials with Tech Crew are like. Be sure to check the Warwick Tech Crew Facebook and Instagram pages for more information on future events. 
Join our Facebook group and follow our Instagram page to see all our events. Hopefully see you soon. 


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