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Darts Society

University of Warwick Darts Society

Darts Society

Darts Society is a society for those who are interested in playing, watching or discussing darts. It is a great society to meet new people, socialise and have fun. We aim to provide a friendly environment for all abilities; Whether you've never picked a set of darts up before or whether you've been playing for years, we welcome you all.

Why should I join?

We enjoy socialising and practicing in a relaxed atmosphere, as opposed to some sports who take things a lot more seriously.

Our away day trips to other universities are always a brilliant laugh and a great day out. In the past we have hosted many a great social, including circling and pub crawls. Our members are welcoming, and simply turning up to one of our practice sessions is a great way to meet new people, have a throw and have a laugh.

Darts is also a cheap sport to play; especially at Warwick, the membership is FREE! For those who don't yet have a set of darts, our members are always happy to lend a spare set. Other than that, travel is the only other expenditure.

How do I keep up with what you have going on?

A few ways you can see what socials, games and events we have on are:

I haven't played before, does this matter?

NO! Many of our current exec had never thrown a dart before coming to uni. We took the risk of trying something new and now we love it! You can only ever improve at something you have never done before.

Plus, there are no entry barriers to joining Warwick Darts, so why should you not consider it? I mean, even if you do miss the board a few times, you might get a laugh out of one of your friends missing too!

What do we play?

We compete with 2 teams in the University Darts UK league. In our debut UDUK season, we finished a respectable 6th out of 12 teams. In our second season we climbed up the league to 2nd in and reached National Finals! Then, last year, we won the Midlands division after a final-day victory over Nottingham Trent before reaching the semi-finals of the National Finals for the second year in a row.

Internally, we hold weekly practice sessions, where members can try improve their game or simply just chill with friends. We run an in-house rankings system so players can monitor their progress as well as regular round robin groups, and several 'major' tournaments, such as our Christmas Cup, Masters, World Championship and more!

We are also two-time Varsity champions, having strolled to victory against Coventry in the 2020 final before defeating Birmingham in 2023.

When do we play?

We practice twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. More detailed information on our timetable for the term can be found on our socials.

Where do we play?

We play primarily between two venues: Avenue Bowls Club on Avenue Road in Leamington and the Graduate (inside the Dirty Duck) on campus.

We predominantly play at the Avenue on Wednesdays for practices, majors and UDUK home games and the Graduate on Sundays for further practices. 

For UDUK away games, we also travel to several other Midlands universities. For 2023/24, the league includes Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Loughborough and Birmingham.

Do I have to play?

No, you can attend any of our socials, events, and practices without playing darts. We often have members who do this and they find it is a good reason to get out for an hour or two and socialise. We also have plenty of social events going on all year round so you can simply attend one of these :)

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