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Cheese and Chocolate

Cheese and Chocolate

What do we do?

As a society, we aim to do an event every other week to cater for everyone's cheese and chocolate needs. These range from FREE tasting sessions, restaurant trips to pub quizzes, and not to mention our joint events with other societies, including cheese and wine tasting sessions, picnics with good food soc and so many more to look forward to! 

2023/2024 Exec:

Co-Presidents: Georgina Grant & Harriet Howes

Vice President & Treasurer: Rowan MacPherson

Secretary and Welfare Officer: Olivia Snowden

Events Officer: Charlotte Warner

Marketing: Emily Rutt



How to get involved:

Join the society through the SU page and join our members groupchat on whatsapp and follow us on instagram for regular updates. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message the society instagram account or the whatsapp groupchat! :)

Important Information:

If you have any dietary requirements, such as being lactose intolerant or vegan, then please send us a message a couple of days before the event and we will have super tasty suitable alternatives ready for you! (Hell yeaa vegan cheese)




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