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The University of Warwick Shakespeare Society is a society fixed on making the works of Shakespeare exciting and accessible to as many people as possible. From putting on your own production to hosting discussions on your favourite play, our focus is to support our members in taking Shakespeare in any direction and celebrating our favourite playwright.


Being a member of ShakeSoc offers you the chance to participate in both academic and performative workshops and regularly meet up with fellow die-bards for a drink at the end of a long hard day of Shakespeare. We also encourage our members to submit their own productions, which not only helps spread the good word to students who have not experienced Shakespeare before, but allows our members to perform, or try out different roles within a production team. From a classic interpretation of Richard III to an entirely new piece of student writing, as long as it’s related to The Bard, we love it. 


Being both an academic and performance society, it really doesn’t matter where your interests lie. Our society is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and enjoy the works of William Shakespeare.


Follow us on @WarwickShakeSoc and on Facebook 'Warwick ShakeSoc' for more updates! 


Exec 24/25

President: Anoushay Dar

Vice President: Diya Sengupta

Productions Manager: Freya Carey-Wood

Treasurer: Julia Redfern

Dramaturg, Outreach & Inclusivity: Jo Tucker

Social Secretaries: Max Fleming & Alfie Rogers

Exec Membership

Shakespeare - President

Shakespeare - Vice President

Shakespeare - Treasurer

Shakespeare - Dramaturg

Shakespeare - Equal Opps

Shakespeare - Productions Manager

Shakespeare - Social Secretary


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