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Warwick MFC Equity

Warwick MFC Equity

Warwick MFC Equity was founded as the part of MFC Equity international investment club. Our motto is as follows:

"MFC Equity has the dual aims of educating its members in the art of investing, and of applying that knowledge to achieve the highest absolute returns.”

About us and what we can offer:

As a society we aim to educate our members on the field of investment management, primarily on stock markets, and provide them with experience in stock picking, report writing and working as part of a club with professional-like mindset. While we are putting a lot of emphasis on our already well established function as an investment club, we also do it in an engaging manner, creating a friendly atmosphere, where you can find others who share the same passion as you. Thanks to our network, you also get the chance to connect with fellow members from other UK universities.

Who we are looking for:

Do not worry if you are not studying economics or finance, this is a place where everybody can learn about investment.  If you would like to join, our only request is dedication to spend time with the society. We are going to deliver lectures on various finance topics, organise workshops and provide feedback through our senior members to the juniors in order to maximise our combined expertise and nurture future leaders of our society.

Our vision:

The vision of MFC Equity is to become the ultimate boarding school of finance professionals by recruiting the brightest talents internationally, and to also get recognised as such in the industry. To achieve this, we are actively seeking partnerships with industry leading companies, and hope to host presentations from different outside sources.

We believe that improvement is achieved the most efficiently by working together. Come and join us, have an impact on our society and on MFC Equity with over 130 thousand dollars of funding.


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Exec Membership

Warwick MFC Equity - President

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