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Warwick Marxists

Warwick Marxists



Warwick Communists is a society dedicated to organising and fighting for socialism by using the theory of Marxism. Capitalism is in crisis, and it is only through a successful socialist revolution can we liberate all people. We particularly consider the ideas of thinkers such as Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky among others. We hold reading groups to further our education, attend picket lines to fight in the class struggle, form recruitment stalls to reach out to fellow communists and much more. 

Joining the Warwick Marxists does not just mean joining communists in this area alone, but an international movement fighting for communism. Our tendency stretches across 40 different countries as the struggle against capitalism unites all people. 


If you are a communist, get organised! Join us now to fight in the class struggle. Whether you have read all the volumes of Das Kapital, or understood the message of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, come and join us today. We organise reading groups every week based upon your experience to help you become the best revolutionary you can possibly be. This year will see further industrial disputes and days of action, thus the communist must be organised to stand shoulder to shoulder with the striking workers. The class war is heating up, join us to fight on the side of the workers. 

If you want to get involved, join the society or visit us on our website to write in to us directly. 


Check back here for all the latest details on our upcoming events. Our work as communists is organised to reflect the class struggle so changes on a week by week basis. As events become relevant, we shall post on social media as well as updating this webpage.


Image result for marxist student federationCONTACT US! 

To find out more about Marxism or our events, you can follow our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

We have a whatsapp group chat for the society, message us on any of social media to enquire about access or you can email at warwickmarxists@gmail.com


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