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Warwick Albanian Society

Albanian Society

Warwick Albanian Society

Albanian Society


This community promotes Albanian/Kosovan culture, represents the interests of students from such descent, and aims to teach the Warwick community about our rich cultural heritage.

We plan to host events regularly, in which we would usually play drinking games, but choosing not to drink is absolutely fine! In addition, we also like playing card games, as well as listen and dance to Albanian music. Essentially, our main aim in events is to have a good time and enjoy ourselves! Our most important events will be hosted on the independence days of Albania and Kosovo, which are the 28th/29th November and 17th February, respectively. 

Important information regarding events and/or elections will be published through our social media, so do not forget to follow our pages on Instagram and Facebook (@uwalbsoc). 

Finally, for any enquires or propositions, please contact us through email (uwalbsoc@gmail.com).


Exec Membership

Warwick Albanian Society - President

Warwick Albanian Society - Secretary

Warwick Albanian Society - Treasurer


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