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European Society

European Society



We are EuroSoc - a society that celebrates all the different cultures in Europe! We hold engaging academic talks with famous officials exploring current European affairs. We also host many social events throughout the year, including barbecues, pre-drinks, house parties and events for Erasmus students. We also host one of the biggest society evemts - the annual Eurovision screening at the Piazza! 

If you are European or just interested in European history, culture, and politics, then don't miss out on the fun and make sure to join our amazing community! Membership is completely FREE so make sure to sign up to keep up to date!

Executive Committee 2020/21

President: Carolina Teixeira

Vice President: Ilinca Tiriblecea

Secretary: Lucas Bonhomme

Treasurer: Emily Devereux

Socials Team: Adèle Henin, Sára Kende, Pierre-William Lopy, Paul Lanusse and Sidonie Guyot

Talks Team: Raphael Dimitrou, Nikolaos Ntapilis, Nina Sodan and Guillermo Sagnier

External Relations Officers: Arthur Bidaine, Turhan Hizili, Antoine Thurin and Mikolaj Pawica

Erasmus Officers: Ancsa Nemeth and Blanche de Moidrey

Publicity Team: Agnese Moroni, Natalia Tronina, Evagoras Savva, India Banis and Miguel Jara de la Torre


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