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Warwick Kickstart

Warwick Kickstart

About Kickstart

Our team consists of driven individuals interested in the industries of tomorrow and eager to share their knowledge and skills with Warwick's students, as well as present other opportunities to them through informative talks, careers fairs and other interesting events.

Our mission is to inspire students to pursue careers in disruptive industries, as well as equipping them with the necessary skillset in order to be successful. We aim to achieve this by providing diverse opportunities for Warwick students and start-ups alike.

What industries we focus on

  • Start-up
  • Venture Capital
  • Fintech
  • Innovative Real Estate
  • Social Enterprise
  • Coding

What we do


Workshops: 1 every other week led by our executive team.

Talks: 1 every other week led by internationally recognised guest speakers. Delivered by our well connected executives.


The Kickstart Library: articles written by our talented executives are meant to inform students about relevant news regarding the industries we focus on, as well as give them the opportunity to express their views through the comments and forum sections of our website.

Kickcast: our in-house produced podcast series


With the help of our partners, we wish to provide exclusive work experience and mentorship opportunities to students at start-ups and VC funds in the UK. We plan on organising networking events and careers fairs.


We aim to use our partnerships in order to help campus-based start-ups to get financing from accelerators, funds and incubators in our network.

Hult Prize

This year we have proudly partnered with Hult Prize at University of Warwick to bring yet another exciting opportunity for the students at Warwick! The Hult Prize Foundation transforms how young people envision their possibilities as leaders of change in the world around them. Hult Prize has brought impact-focused programs, events and trainings to over a million students globally, creating a pathway for youths everywhere to take action to build a better world.



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