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After hugely successful events held throughout the last 10 years, inspired by the renowned TED ethos of ideas worth spreading, TEDx returns to Warwick for the most stimulating and fascinating TEDx conference yet. Since its inception in 2009, TEDxWarwick has continually succeeded in setting the global benchmark in showcasing revolutionary technology, science and innovation. Groundbreaking ideas such as Dickson Despommier’s Vertical Farms and Koen Olthuis’ Floating City Apps have been proudly exhibited at our previous conferences. Past TEDxWarwick speakers also include writer and political activist Noam Chomsky, Planet Earth 2 producer Ed Charles and Cameroon’s first female presidential candidate, Kah Walla. TEDxWarwick has won and been nominated for several Best Annual Event awards at the University, garnering the runner up position for Best National Event at the NSA from over 600 nominations in 2018, and has been featured by local newspapers and Coventry 2020 as a leading cultural event. It is currently the largest student-run TEDx event in Europe.

For the 11th year running, TEDxWarwick casts its eyes forward to the future that we are in the midst of creating - for better or worse. In a day filled with talks, performances, breakout sessions and more, we aim to find and celebrate the ideas of 14 fantastic people who are changing today's landscape to carve out our shared future - the Architects of Tomorrow. From successful entrepreneurship and the latest developments in medicine, clean energy and artificial intelligence, to stories of personal struggle and achievement, our 2019 edition aims to go above and beyond to showcase the ideas that are beginning to shape the course of our next steps.

You can view our event, speakers, and further details here: facebook.com/events/331251387727746/

To purchase event tickets directly, please visit our website at tedxwarwick.com

TEDxWarwick 2019 aims to continue in the footsteps of previous conferences, making our hunt for the best ideas of the world more ambitious and expansive than ever before. Besides attending our conferences, you can also get involved by joining our organizing team or applying to give your very own TEDx talk.

You can also join us on Facebook at facebook.com/TEDxWarwick and Twitter at twitter.com/TEDxWarwick.

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