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The University of Warwick’s campus is home to several annual conferences. Somehow, amidst the oversaturation of day-long events that promise to enrich your mind and capture your imagination, one inevitably stands out, year after year. TEDxWarwick, apart from being the largest TEDx event in the country, and the biggest student-run TEDx event in Europe, is the most diverse, inclusive and versatile conference out there.

As 2019’s event, “Architects of Tomorrow,” marked our 10th flagship event, it serves as a humbling reminder that the enormous conference we put together began as a series of talks held in cramped lecture theatres. That organisational team that once numbered under a dozen now numbers well over 50 students, worked together tirelessly throughout the year to put together three salon events, and most notably, the 2019 conference. That conference brought 14 speakers from around the world to the University of Warwick to speak on topics ranging from inclusive architecture and cryptocurrency to cyberdefense and philosophical education.

TEDxWarwick stands out as a diverse event. Despite its name, looks to reach beyond the confines of the Warwick community. Last year, 42% of our nearly 1200 attendees had no affiliation to the University, with people coming from all over the UK, and even Europe, to listen to our speakers. This is no simple university event, it is a regional and national landmark, which is why we have been featured by Coventry 2021 as a flagship event.

We work hard to make sure our conference is available to as many people as possible. This doesn’t just include handing out flyers in Birmingham on freezing Saturday mornings in February, it involves making sure our event is as affordable as we can possibly make it. We offered tickets as cheap as £25. This is not just highly competitive pricing; it is among the cheapest events of its kind. TEDxWarwick also does its very best to highlight the incredible amount of talent and initiative that calls this University home. We partner with a number of societies and departments, including the Warwick Business School, Warwick RAG and Warwick Enactus. Our main event was covered by the student publication, The Boar, and for the very first time we had our own radio show on Radio at Warwick. We had several performances during our conference, ranging from PPE student and singer Brihadeesh Murali to Warwick’s Gaana Dance Society. Our 2019 conference didn’t just display the thinking of 14 visionaries, it showed all of the best Warwick has to offer.

The reason we are consistently able to draw an incredibly diverse audience is our event’s versatility. “Architects of Tomorrow” attendees were usually enticed by one talk, and ended up learning about things they had no idea about. There’s something for everyone, which is why our audience came from every discipline imagine, graduate or postgraduate.

What makes TEDxWarwick such an enjoyable event to organise and attend is that we don’t tailor our event to anyone. We cater to everyone

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TEDxWarwick 2020 aims to continue in the footsteps of previous conferences, making our hunt for the best ideas of the world more ambitious and expansive than ever before. Besides attending our conferences, you can also get involved by joining our organizing team or applying to give your very own TEDx talk.

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