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Warwick Bridge is an active and friendly society dedicated to playing and learning that card game you've always seen your grandparents play but you've never bothered to learn. Bridge is a strategic game played in partnerships in which you convey information about your hand to your partner before trying to win as many rounds or 'tricks' as possible (played similarly to games like Hearts and Whist). If you're interested by the sound of it, or by games such as Chess and Go, come along to one of our sessions on Sunday at 2pm or Wednesday at 5pm and give it a try. And if you think bridge might not be for you, we're sure we can change your mind! We have players of all standards in the society and our team members are always on hand to teach newcomers and offer advice to the less experienced members. Many of our current team have progressed to playing in club events having been complete beginners when arriving at university, so whether you already play regularly or you've never played a card game before in your life, we hope to see you at our next session!

If you are looking for a more competitive element, our society competes in the Portland Bowl, an inter-university knockout competition organised by the English Bridge Union. We also send multiple teams to other annual university competitions such as the London Cup and our very own Warwick Bridge Festival, hosted at Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club.

The society also sends teams and pairs to competitions between members of local bridge clubs. Although only being an honorary invitee into the Garden Cities Trophy Qualifier, our university team came third out of the twelve bridge clubs competing to represent the county of Warwickshire in the Finals. We currently have two teams of six players in the Coventry Bridge League, with our A-Team winning Division 2 and the B-Team securing promotion from Division 3. We also have a pair in Division 2 of the Warwickshire Pairs League and are keen to enter more into Division 3 next season. Other events at local bridge clubs include the Anglo-Polish League and regular club nights at which some of our members are often present.

For more information and event dates, join our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/425623157469050/

Our Discord server for online voice chat: https://discord.gg/73dZs8R

We hope to see you at Bridge soon!


[Jack, President:] Hi everyone, I'm Jack and I'm this year's president of the Bridge Society. On behalf of all of our members, I'd like to congratulate and welcome you to the University of Warwick! Now for a lot of you, you may not know what bridge is – it's a skill based card game which is often recognized as a mind sport, somewhat akin to chess. It's also a game of imperfect information (which means you don't know what cards everyone else is holding) and so you're using your logic and your reasoning to figure out where all of the cards lie, and then play the cards with your partner to the best of your ability. And without wanting to sound too corny, it's very fun and I think you'd really enjoy it!

[Sam, Treasurer:] We run two sessions a week: one on Wednesdays from 5 to 8 p.m. and one on Sundays from 2 to 6 p.m. We'll be introducing the game to beginners, as well as casual games and team matches for the more experienced. I was a complete beginner when I came to uni, but I quickly fell in love with the deep strategy and social elements that the game provides!

[Harry, First Team Captain and Socials:] As first team captain, we're going to try and get playing in lots of events – the main aims are to improve everyone's standard of bridge and also to win as many competitions or achieve higher levels in competitions locally and in national university competitions. And as Social Sec, I’m going to try and get in as much socials as we can – in terms of socials I’ve got loads of stuff planned! Clubs are shut which is a bit of a setback but pubs are still open so we'll get a couple of pub crawls in; a couple of meals; I'll maybe get a Christmas meal together as a society – that'll be nice! Also, after matches or after tournaments, we can go for either a meal or a drink together so that we can talk about the hands because then it'll help us all get better and also it's a way to enjoy ourselves as well!

[Joey, Second Team Captain:] We have lots of opportunities for you to experience competitive play, even if you are a complete beginner! I was a beginner when I went to my first bridge tournament and although I made a lot of silly mistakes, I had a great time and learned a lot about how to play the game. London cup and the Warwick bridge festival are really fun events and both quite accessible to beginners. We also send teams to compete in the Coventry bridge league and Portland bowl inter-uni competition, which are being run online this year and are both great opportunities for more experienced players to hone their skills.

[Runcong, Secretary:] Because of COVID-19, for face to face sessions we need to follow the University policies, such as wearing face masks. We will also put screens between the tables to keep to a safe distance, but if one cannot attend the face-to-face sessions, we can still play bridge through BBO and use Discord to chat with each other, just like the face-to-face sessions! So just come to a session and try it if you're interested!

[Jack, President:] So if you've made it this far through the video, then hopefully that means you're at least a little bit interested in Bridge and our society. So I’d like to direct your attention to our Facebook group and Discord channel, where we'll post information about the events we run and to the SU website where there's a timetable about the events in the two weeks prior to welcome week. We're running some events on the Wednesdays and Sundays of those two weeks, and again, more information will follow on our Facebook group and Discord channel. So thank you for watching and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the new year!


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