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Japan Society

Japan Society


Who are we?


We are a society dedicated to promoting Japanese culture in the University of Warwick. Our primary objective is to act as a cultural hub for those who are interested in Japanese culture, by holding various activities, including socials, workshops, sporting events, and so on.


Our society, unlike other cultural societies in Warwick aims to unite individuals from different backgrounds, rather than making it exclusive to Japanese students. The majority of our members are not Japanese, and we treasure cultural interaction amongst our members. Because our society is also responsible for Japanese exchange students from various universities in Japan, we aim to enrich their experience in the UK by providing an international environment.


What do we do?


As a cultural society, we promote Japanese culture through events like Sushi Workshops and Origami Workshops, where members get to experience Japanese culture with their bare hands. We also hold occasional movie nights, where we watch various Japanese favorites. Our society also loves sporting events, where we play dodgeball as well as Japanese games. And most importantly, we plan socials -- great opportunities to get to know new people who share common interests.


“Should I join? I am not Japanese!”


As mentioned earlier, our society is not exclusive to Japanese students. The majority of our members are not Japanese, and we love it that way. We speak English in all of our events, so don’t worry!


“I want to learn Japanese”


Starting from 2018/19, Warwick Japan Society collaborates with a hugely popular independent student-run organisation "Japanese Study at Warwick" to provide language classes to people interested in learning Japanese. Classes are free for all Japan Society members.

Japanese Study at Warwick was founded in 2017, and more details of classes/events may be found on their own separate Facebook page.

In the past, our society has run a language buddy scheme, in which participants will be put into small groups of similar Japanese ability and a native Japanese student teacher assigned to them. The teacher will organise regular group meetings where you can ask questions or just use the time to gain confidence in speaking Japanese!


For any queries regarding learning Japanese, just shoot us an email and we will endeavour to help you!




We hold one event every week, so there is too much to list here, but here are some of our favorites.


  • Socials
  • Japanese Cooking Classes
  • Nomikai
  • Origami Workshop
  • Calligraphy Workshop
  • Quiz Night
  • Movie Nights


Email: warwickjapan@gmail.com


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