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Japan Society

Japan Society


Welcome to Warwick Japan Society!

Founded in 2004, Japan Society aims to be the "Japan away from Japan" in the heart of the West Midlands by being a hub of Japanese culture at Warwick University. Through cultural interaction and engaging activities, we will provide an international environment where people of different backgrounds can learn from one another and share common interests.

We speak both Japanese and English at our events, so we welcome you to participate no matter how confident you feel in either language! Also, our society is also responsible for incoming exchange students and long-term international students from Japan, so we will support you if you need any help with studying at Warwick or life in the UK, as well as providing relevant careers information for those who intend to work in Japan.

Of course, we are not just exclusive to Japanese students. No matter if you're Japanese, come from a Japanese background or are just passionate about the culture, we would be happy if you join us!

Language Café:

Our mainstay event is our hugely popular, weekly Language Café; a home for you to learn and improve conversational Japanese skills in a relaxed environment. We welcome complete beginners, though we assume you can already read hiragana and katakana to start off with so that we can focus more on the language itself.

For those who feel more comfortable with their ability, we will also hold intermediate and advanced sessions covering more involved topics, including points that even native speakers might find tricky to understand!

If you're taking Japanese classes with the Language Centre, why not try putting what you've learned to practice outside the classroom? Let's improve our Japanese skills together!

Events and Socials:

As well as language learning, we will hold a wide range of events every week with the aim of providing insight into Japanese culture. In the past, these have included:

  • Cooking classes (karaage, okonomiyaki, Japanese curry)
  • Nabe (hot pot) / Takoyaki party
  • Calligraphy workshop
  • Restaurant trip (Nana's)
  • Karaoke (using Japanese JOYSOUND system)
  • Nomikai / circling

We will continue to expand this line-up, as we plan to hold even more activities themed around seasonal traditions and cultural experiences, so please stay tuned!

Stay updated!

For the latest information on our activities, or if you want to ask any questions to us directly, please follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/warwickjs. We're most active there, so make sure to check it out often!

You can find other important resources, including the link to our announcements group on WhatsApp: https://linktr.ee/WarwickJapanSociety.

Also, you can also reach us via email: warwickjapan@gmail.com though we use this much less regularly.

We hope to see you at our events! And, don't forget to get membership to the society (there is no fee)!


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