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Warwick Consulting Society

Warwick Consulting Society

Warwick Consulting Society is one of the largest societies at the University of Warwick with 1400+ members, 45+ events annually and 8 different divisions.

Consulting refers to becoming an expert in solving problems and giving advice! Consulting is a professional service industry which helps different types of businesses make smarter and better choices. It is the fastest growing industry - one where you are surrounded by great people, exciting new projects, amazing opportunities and travel to exotic places! Warwick Consulting society aims to give students a greater flavour of what a career in Consulting would like. The society is made up of 6 student-facing divisions consisting of Corporate Relations (Careers), Diversity in Consulting, Consulting Services, Case Club, Research, Operations and London Consulting Summit which are supported by a further 3 divisions consisting of Operations, Brand and Marketing and Socials. 


What do we do?

Consulting Services

Consulting Services is at the heart of WCS, encapsulating real consulting and real company-student connections. Over the years, Consulting Services have run many pro-bono consulting projects with the likes of DPD, O2, Marks and Spencer’s, and FTSE100 firms. If you’re really wanting to throw yourself into the consulting world then applying to work as a student consultant or team leader in one of these projects is something you should look out for!

Corporate Relations

Corporate relations hold many close connections with top consulting firms providing members with the opportunity to attend talks and panels from industry professionals such as Mckinsey & Co and BCG . In addition, they hold events assisting members who are applying to the industry such as internship panels and CV Clinics. In the past, the division the division has also held collaboration events with other societies such as Warwick Finance Societies and EconSoc. We hope to expand this further so if you think your society and WCS could have a fun and collaborative event, please do get in touch. 

Case Club

Case club run fortnightly sessions walking though case questions to help members practice their Consulting skills and prepare for any upcoming interviews. They also organise semi-annual case competitions both within the society and in collaboration with top Consulting university societies around the country such as CapitOx and Cambridge Consulting Society. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from individuals with Consulting experience and see first-hand how they solve case problems. 

London Consulting Summit

At Warwick Consulting Society we are incredibly proud to host the largest student-run Consulting event in the United Kingdom: London Consulting Summit. The summit brings together the industry’s brightest of minds and the most ambitious student delegates from across Europe the discuss the latest innovative ideas of how to progress consultancy further. Last year the summit had 1100+ attendees and key note speakers from BCG, McKinsey, Strategy&, Bain, and more!


Each year research produce regular reports or other forms of content breaking down key industry themes in a digestible manner to our members. The focus of reports are dependent largely on current market affairs and transitions within the industry. 

Diversity in Consulting

Within the UK especially, diversity within the Consulting industry has been an issue. In more recent times, it has become clear that diversity is key within a company as the more individuals we have from different backgrounds - whether that be ethnic, gender, culture, or subject - the more successful a team will be.

Diversity in Consulting ensure this line of thought is woven throughout WCS. One of their new programmes, Accenture X LGBTQ+ proved particularly successful at the end of last year. It is clear this division have done an excellent job and this is reflected in this year's diversity statistics with an executive team that is 51.2% Female and consists of a wide range of ethnicities. 


Operations support the organisation of our events throughout the year and encourage collaboration throughout our society. They are the cogs behind the organisation without whom the society could not run!

Brand and Marketing

Brand and marketing are the individuals within our society that keep WCS current, documented, and ensure perfect communication between ourselves and Warwick students. They are the people filling your instagram feed and keeping you updated on the latest in the Consulting world, and the Warwick Consulting world. They will also be opening the WCS shop later this year so stay tuned to get your hands on some WCS merchandise!


Whilst WCS is an academic society, we place a huge emphasis on the social side of our society ensuring it is also a place where people can have fun! Our socials team do an incredible job of keeping relations within the society healthy and providing members with the opportunity to not only meet business peers but also friends for life. This year we have some super exciting events on the cards, including our inaugral boat party on the Thames in London! Keep posted for the ticket drop later this term!


Join us to kick-start your career in Consulting!

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