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The society for singers at Warwick!

SingSoc is a fun and relaxed platform for singers at Warwick where all genres, all languages and all abilities are welcome.

Every week we hold a genre-themed session, giving members the opportunity to not only sing as part of a group but also perform solo. The sessions are completely shaped by our members — whatever song you fancy for the week, let us know and we will give it a go! Also, if you’re someone who loves to write or compose your own music, we’d love for you to share it with us! If you just love music, well who doesn't, show us your knowledge at trivia nights, come to have fun at Circling or karaoke nights at TJ's and many other socials!

The sessions give those who are interested in gaining experience on stage a chance to perform in front of a friendly crowd where you’ll get all the support and encouragement you need. Then you’ll be a pro, ready for karaoke nights at the Dirty Duck!

At the same time, if you just enjoy singing, come and sing along with us to some great songs each week and make some fantastic new friends. That’s what the core of this society is about!

Remember to follow us on our social media to keep up to date with our sessions and social events.



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