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Warwick Anti-Racism Society

Warwick Anti-Racism Society

The University of Warwick Anti-Racism Society (warsoc) is a recently-established, student-run society campaigning for anti-racism issues. 

We run regular debates, workshops, discussion panels and socials, as well as campaigns. So, whether you've been working on anti-racism for years or you've never looked into things like institutional racism, race theory and Islamophobia before, get ready to interact and become educated. 

Join our active discussion group and feel free to post things related to anti-racism that you find interesting:

Plus, if you have any ideas for events or you're looking to join the exec, please let us know! This is your society and everyone is welcome to get involved 

As an exec, we aim to provide a safe space for all of our members. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe from bigotry. This does not mean that members will only hear positive things, or that they will not be challenged — but it does mean that we expect members to challenge or argue appropriately. Try to challenge ideas, not people

If you have any questions or suggestions for campaigns, please try to get in touch with our exec by messaging us directly or messaging at any of the following places:



Instagram: @uwarsoc //


Alternatively, just post in here - we'll try to keep an eye out and then contact you. We would love to hear your ideas for talks, workshops, speakers and of course socials!

Love and solidarity,

- Your Exec xo





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