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Christian Union

Christian Union

Warwick Christian Union exists as a society because we want to give every student at Warwick the chance to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


We are a student run society with over 300 members.

We’re all from different churches but we unite around the central truths of the Bible.

As a society, we are very active and we run two main types of events:


Firstly we have events that are designed to equip members.

These include our weekly meetings and small group Bible studies in which we aim to encourage one another and learn from people teaching from the Bible.


We also run events throughout the year to give people the chance to explore what we believe.

These include lunch buffets where we ask the big questions and informal studies that investigate what the Bible has to say, as well as one off events like our Carol Concert in December.

In February we have our main events week - five days packed with opportunities to come and hear about Jesus (and grab some free food!).


There are also specific events aimed at the many international students that come to Warwick. These include a weekly Bible study for people from all nations and our iExplore: our international cafe event.

Get involved!

Whether you’re already a Christian or interested in finding out more, then come along to our events for a bit of fun and to see what we’re up to.

All the details you need to know are on our website at

And finally, to receive our weekly emails that tell you everything that's going on, join the society by getting a membership below - it's completely free!

We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming Events

CU Weekend Away 2019
8th November 7pm - 10th November 3pm
Quinta Hall
A weekend where we as a CU go away to have teaching and fellowship with one another, get to know each other and encourage each other in our mission as a CU.Joint with Coventry and Northampton CUs


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