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MUN Society

MUN Society

Warwick United Nations Society

Your taste of UN on campus!

About Us

We are one of the largest and most diverse academic societies on campus that cares deeply about the values of the United Nations. Our goal is to raise awareness on issues of paramount importance and help spread the UN message throughout the campus and beyond. We aim to achieve this both by providing Warwick students with the opportunity of participating in negotiation simulations as well as through a series of academic events.
What we do

Model United Nations

Our society attends a variety of conferences around the UK and beyond, such as OxiMUN, LiMUN, ReadiMUN, KentMUN, WorldMun etc. In these conferences, our students are asked to take the role of a UN country representative and debate within the context of a UN committee with the aim of reaching effective solutions on issues of pivotal importance. As a society, we are proud to say that we are one of the most prestigious MUN teams in the UK. We achieve this through holding weekly training sessions as well as conference-specific training sessions. During these hours, students bring their public speaking and negotiation skills to the test; whether it be through normal MUN debate or through one of our special crisis sessions.


Apart from our MUN ventures, we also host a diversity of academic events on campus. These include talks from speakers such as Matt Jackson, Director of UNFPA as well as interactive events such as our round-table discussion with Amnesty at Warwick. Our latest round-table discussion was on the effectiveness of the UNHRC. This year, we also held our first ever International Court of Justice simulation, joined by students from all around the UK. We were more than proud to see eloquent and knowledgeable “advocates” follow ICJ procedures in the confines of our own campus.


As a society we also host our own conference, WARMUN. WARMUN is unique in that it is a joint-cabinet crisis conference. This means that we include both a simulation of the UN Security Council as well as simulations of country cabinets; these are all inter-connected. Country cabinet ministers have to report to their UNSC representative about latest policy developments and UNSC representatives have to maintain this line of policy within the Security Council negotiations. Our topics include a variety of both historic and present crises; this year’s theme was built around the South China Sea crisis.

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