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Harry Potter and Quidditch Society

Warwick Quidditch Club

Harry Potter and Quidditch Society

Our society aims to bring together all those with a love for the Harry Potter franchise, whether it be the films, books, or both! We offer the chance to meet with like-minded people through fun socials such as our sorting ceremony, movie nights, and quizzes, as well as Harry Potter-themed circles, pub-crawls and trips. Many of these events are in aid of the Lumos Charity - scroll down to find out more! 

We are also the home of Warwick Quidditch Club - a competitive quidditch team competing both nationally and internationally across a variety of tournaments. You don't have to be the biggest Harry Potter fan to join this up-and-coming sport, and we welcome any and all abilities! We train every Wednesday and Saturday, and frequently attend "fantasy" tournaments at other Unis in addition to our competitive endeavours. Quidditch also brings wider opportunities, such as the Quidditch Premier League during the summer.


The Exec

President: Sophie Hawkes

Social Secretaries: Oscar Renton & Conor Moloney

Publicity Officer: Kirsty Scheiby 

Treasurer: Gala Dalgety

Secretary: Edie Straight


The Quidditch Coaching Team

Captain (& Welfare Officer): Katie Savva

Vice-Captain (& Safety Officer): Sára Tóth

Quaffle Coach: Louis Southwell 

Beater Coach: Chris Riches 



 "Why doesn't anyone do something about it?" 

                               -Hermione Granger, GOF

Our society is happy to support Lumos, which is a fantastic children’s charity set up by J. K. Rowling and Emma Nicholson. Lumos works with disadvantaged children across Europe, and tries to address problems in children’s homes and other institutions. As well as helping individual children and their families, Lumos works with governments to improve education, health and social care systems for institutionalised children. We will be running events throughout the year to support Lumos, and we hope you enjoy raising money with us.


Email us: warwickquidditchclub@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WHPQSociety/

Warwick Quidditch Club: https://www.facebook.com/warwickqc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WarwickHP

WQC Twitter: https://twitter.com/Warwick_QC

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warwickquidditchclub/

Once you have joined the society you will also be emailed a weekly newsletter with all the info for the coming week, so make sure you join up!

Upcoming Events

Quidditch Taster 1
28th September 2pm - 4pm
Meet on the Piazza Steps. We will then all walk to the field.
Come along and try Quidditch! Open to all.
Sorting Ceremony
1st October 7pm - 9pm
Come along to be sorted into one of the Hogwarts Houses and meet current and new members of the Society.
Quidditch Taster 2
2nd October 2pm - 4pm
Meet on the Piazza Steps. We will then all walk to the field.
Come along and try Quidditch! Open to all.


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This membership will be on sale from the 1st September 2019
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