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Interested in human rights?

Join us at:

Amnesty Warwick 

Amnesty International - Posts | Facebook

We are Warwick's official Amnesty International student group. 

Who we are

Amnesty Warwick is a society focused on raising awareness of human rights issues. As one of the biggest and most active campaigning societies on campus, we are constantly involved in putting on talks, organising campaigns, fundraising and also enjoying socials!

The aim of our campaigns is to increase awareness of human rights abuses around the world and encourage students to put up pressure on the individuals and governments that allow such abuses to take place. We focus on subjects such as:

•             Women's and children's rights

•             Minorities' rights

•             The rights of refugees

•             Protection of human dignity.

What we do

We hold various events throughout the year. We organise campaigns, hold fundraising events, invite guest speakers, support local human rights initiatives and have regular socials which are not only fun but also connect people with the passion for protection of human rights.

''I don't have any experience in campaigning/protests/fundraising!''

Who is this society for? You! No matter if you have experience in campaigning or fundraising or not, we all start somewhere and Warwick Amnesty is a great place to begin!

We welcome everyone - regardless of your gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, nationality - if you want to make an impact and positive change in people's lives, Amnesty Warwick is for you.

Our strength comes from working together - together we are stronger.

To find out more about our events and get involved - join Amnesty Warwick and follow our Instagram page for regular updates and information about future events, campaigns and projects. 


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Current students should purchase the Amnesty Standard Membership below.


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