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Scottish Society

Scottish Society


Welcome to the Warwick Scottish Society!

A very warm, Highland welcome to the University of Warwick Scottish Society page; your opportunity to get a slice of home whilst you're down South at Warwick!
Alternatively, for those of you from down South, you can find out what you've been missing out on all your life. All are welcome to come along to our events, Scottishness is optional.

What is ScotSoc all about?

As a society, we aim to promote knowledge about, and participation in, the unique culture present in Scotland, alongside, building a community for Scottish students at the University of Warwick.

We run events such as Burns’ Suppers, Ceilidh dances, and practices, Scottish sporting fixture viewings, circles, meals, karaoke, pub crawls, bowling, and many, many more... There is something for everyone! If you don't know what some of these events are, then even better, please come along and find out whilst meeting one of the friendliest societies on campus (no citation available). Many of these events are run within the Triple Crown umbrella (Irish, Northern, Welsh, and of course, Scottish society), so it's a great opportunity to meet a diverse group of people.

Term 1 Socials

Freshers Week - Meet the Exec Drinks

Week 1 - Campus Bar Crawl

Week 2 - Bowling & Skool Dayz Circle

Week 3 - Triple Crown Pub Golf

Week 4 - POP! Circle

Week 5 - Chill meetup

And many more to come...

Follow us on our social media for updates and events, all of which are in the link below

Feel free to message any of our pages if you have questions, and we hope to see you at one of our socials!

Exec Membership

Scottish Society - President

Scottish Society - Treasurer

Scottish Society - Equal Op's

Scottish Society - Social Secretary

Scottish Society - Vice President & Treasurer

Scottish Society - Welfare Officer


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