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Philosophy Society

Philosophy Society

Welcome to Warwick Philosophy Society!


As a society, we aim to create a community for all who have an interest in philosophy, as well as providing academic support to students in the Philosophy Department. 

We also host regular guest speaker events with academics from outside and within the University, as well as mini-speaker events presented by undergraduate and postgraduate students. These talks cover a wide range of topics such as the history of philosophy, aesthetics, political philosophy, ethics and philosophy of mind to name but a few. In addition, we organise several reading groups each term which allow an insight into philosophers and questions not covered by the University programme. Pharos, the undergraduate philosophy magazine at Warwick, is also funded by the society.

To stay updated with our events follow our exec page, 'PhilSoc Exec' or Twitter @WarwickPhilSoc, and join our Facebook Group - 'Warwick Philosophy Society'.

Exec 2018-2019

President  Qayom Baqakhill Qayom.Baqakhill@warwickphilosophy.org
Vice-President & Treasurer James Palmer  James.Palmer@warwickphilosophy.org
Secretary  Markus Reiks  Markus.Reiks@warwickphilosophy.org
External Relations  Neville Birdi  Neville.Birdi@warwickphilosophy.org
Careers Coordinator  Ioana Manea Ioana.Manea@warwickphilosophy.org
Speaker Events Coordinator  Amittai-Shlomo Aharoni Amittai-Shlomo.Aharoni@@warwickphilosophy.org
Academic Events Coordinator  Dorsa Olya  Dorsa.Olya@warwickphilosophy.org
Creative Design Coordinator  Amanda Chua  Amanda.Chua@warwickphilosophy.org 
Marketing Director  Natalia Charitsi  Natalia.Charitsi@warwickphilosophy.org 
Social Events Secretary  Louis Benmac  Louis.Benmax@warwickphilosophy.org
Welfare  & Equal Opportunites  Alicia Lukman  Alicia.Lukman@warwickphilosophy.org

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Email us on Inquiries@Warwickphilosophy.org  

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