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Warwick Oxfam

Warwick Oxfam


Oxfam is a global movement of people fighting poverty, inequality and injustice. Made up of 20 member or affiliated organisations, it operates in over 70 countries delivering vital humanitarian aid, teaching skills and community resilience, and campaigning to change attitudes, laws and livelihoods. Its campaigns range from promoting gender equality to restricting the arms trade, always focussed on tackling injustice wherever it exists.

Warwick Oxfam are dedicated to supporting these goals. Through Campaigning, Talks, Fundraising and Volunteering, we aim to promote awareness of and engagement with Oxfam’s mission and campaigns – and to have some fun while doing so!


We hold regular talks and information sessions related to Oxfam’s ongoing campaigns, often in collaboration with other societies. So far these have touched on foreign aid, refugees in the UK, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and homelessness. Being a campaigning organisation, these events aim not only to explain what’s at stake, but also what WE as campaigners can do to help.

We also host fundraising events to raise money for Oxfam, and have links to local Oxfam shops to volunteer in. In all these activities, campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, we’re always here to help you and provide advice and support. And of course, we run socials too! To get a flavour of the events we plan for Term 2, see below:


If you believe in Oxfam’s aims and campaigns, want to learn more, or simply want a friendly new society to join, Warwick Oxfam is for you. Membership is FREE, and in addition to access to our events, gives you the option of an exec buddy and the power to vote and stand in our inaugural elections. Sound good? Then come and join us! And follow our social media to keep updated on events, campaigns and more:




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