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UNICEF on Campus

UNICEF on Campus

Welcome to Warwick UNICEF on campus - officially the largest on-campus UNICEF society according to UNICEF UK league tables!

Do you want to be involved in helping children both in the community and around the world, while getting to know some amazing people? Then UNICEF on campus Warwick is the society for you! 

Throughout the year we put on a host of events and campaigns, including: 


FAST24 is our flagship fundraising event where our members and members of other societies we collaborate with, undertake a fast for 24 hours in support of a cause close to our hearts. Last year, we raised an astounding £6370 to support the malnutrition crisis in Liberia.  Although it might sound challenging, thanks to the dedication of our members and the team spirit we show, it is a wonderful way of socialising and definitely a highlight of the year- nothing like friendships that form out of mutual hunger!


As part of supporting UNICEF UK, we undertake two campaigns (one each term) to raise money and awareness on campus around the cause. Our 'End Child Marriage' and 'Children on the Roads' campaigns in the past academic year raised an amazing £738 and £400 respectively. You can help by either marketing our campaigns through videos, flyers and posters or help out with logistics which involves organising speakers, venues and operations for the campaigns week. Because the causes are so vital, it is always a rewarding feeling helping in any way we can, no matter how little! 


Every summer, UNICEF Warwick organises an international volunteering trip which is a fantastic opportunity for students to live with the local people and make a change. We'll be helping out with anything to do from teaching to health care to construction. By joining, not only do you have the once in a lifetime chance to make a positive impact, but you can also immerse yourself in a wealth of culture! Last year's location was none other than Morocco!


Our schools project provide you with the possibility of driving change right in our community! We have weekly meetings whereby you can volunteer to go to schools around the campus, helping create and deliver workshops targeted towards primary school students. Last year we delivered 14 sessions at 6 schools with immense success. 


Last but not least - socials! We're definitely not all work and no play. Our socials feature a more intimate setting than some of the other societies with dinners, outings and circling for 'POP!' (Warwick's own midweek 'night-out'). Our new socials sec has already lined up ideas for a range of activities to ensure that there is something for all of our members!

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