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UNICEF on Campus

UNICEF on Campus

Welcome to Warwick UNICEF on campus!

Do you want to make a positive impact and don’t know where to start? Unicef on Campus is the first step to your journey, and here is what you can do: 

To begin with, we are the largest on-campus UNICEF society according to UNICEF UK League tables and currently nominated as one of the best societies on campus! 

UNICEF on campus is a friendly, welcoming and inclusive family, always open to new members who would like to help how they can in a comfortable environment. Keep an eye out for our freshers week events and check our social media!



FAST24 is our flagship fundraising event where, in collaboration with other societies, we fast together for 24 hours in an effort to raise awareness and funds for one of UNICEF UK current causes. Last year, we raised an astounding £5,204.39 towards children affected by the Ukrainian post-war crisis.  Although it might sound challenging, thanks to the dedication of our members and our team spirit, it can successfully be achieved with fun!



As part of supporting UNICEF UK, we include two campaign weeks as our main yearly objectives, which last year were ‘Reuniting Refugee Families’ and ‘Air Pollution.’ You can help by either marketing through videos, flyers and posters, or by partaking in the logistics team, which involves organizing speakers’ events, booking venues and participating as volunteers in our events. They are two lively and entertaining weeks filled with events and opportunities to raise awareness and meet like minded people.


Every summer, UNICEF Warwick organises an international volunteering trip. This is a fantastic opportunity for a real hands-on experience by getting involved in teaching, health care, construction, arts and crafts, games and activities with children. Past UNICEF on campus volunteers testify that volunteering abroad has been a life-enhancing experience which allowed them to have a concrete impact, flourish their minds with other cultures and circumstances in their day to day life. Last year, we went to Zagreb to work with asylum seekers in Croatia, which has proved to be an immensely unique opportunity to learn from people’s life stories.


Our schools project furnishes you with the likelihood of helping your own community! We have weekly hour meetings whereby you can volunteer to go to schools around Leamington, Kenilworth and Coventry to organise and deliver workshops focused towards primary school students. A year ago we conveyed 28 sessions at 6 grade schools with massive triumph.


Last but not least - socials! This year, we are taking a different turn in regards to our events by creating more inclusive socials, rendering them suited to university life whilst still in touch with what UNICEF stands for. For example, events such as ‘Raise Your Voice’ are something to look forward to: in this occasion, our event has linked a fun open mic night to a fundraising occasion for our campaign. More to come are termly weekends away, sport matches, parties, barbecues, bake-offs, chilled nights, interactive workshops and events in collaborations with other societies.

Further, we host loads of collaborations with multiple societies across campus to enhance your experience with the society!




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