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Welcome to the University of Warwick Northern Society. From Lancashire to Yorkshire; the Angel of the North to Blackpool Tower; from the heights of the Scottish glens to the Watford Gap, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. Everyone's north of somewhere. Therefore we would like to extend a very warm welcome to absolutely everybody in celebrating all aspects of northern culture.

Our traditional socials are barcrawls, circling, Tbar Tuesday, Brew and Banter, Triple Crown Ball and a domestic tour. Also, we arrange many other fun socials such as bowling, pub quizes, laser quest and film nights, so there's always something for someone to enjoy. You'll also often find us with the other Triple Crown societies (Welsh, Irish and Scottish Societies) in joint socials. Our dedicated exec are passionate to ensure that you feel welcomed and safe, so don't be shy and meet some lovely, like-minded people!

Our 23/24 exec is:
President - Ethan Larkin
Vice President - Beth Knowles
Treasurer - Emily Oldham
Social Secretaries - Oli Bromley and Harvey Sheldon
Charities and Welfare - Alice Davidson
Event Officer - Ben Kirk
Pubs and Comms - Abbie Lewis

For information on when our events are, or just to get a better idea of what we're about, visit our instagram @warwicknorthernsociety or send us an email at



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