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Pakistani Society

Pakistani Society

Welcome to University of Warwick’s Pakistan Society!

We invite all global citizens to come embark on our rich and diverse culture, in which you will get the chance to experience all of what we have to offer. We aim to be a community for our Pakistani students from here and abroad, and we welcome everyone else with our open arms! Pakistan has four distinct regions: Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh – in our society we take pride in our diversity through our various events, talks and social activities.

Our beautiful South-Asian culture has so much to offer, we invite you to come along to our socials. Events to look forward to this coming academic year are:

  • Screenings of our National Cricket matches (make sure to wear your green and white!)

  • Movie Nights (to include Pakistani classics and tasty popcorn!)

  • Games Nights (traditional Pakistani childhood games as well as international classics)

  • Collaborations with other societies!

  • Biryani Socials that will give you the taste of the motherland

  • Society run Cricket/Rounder matches

  • Mental Health talks

  • Bowling

  • Iceskating

  • Restaurant socials

  • Learning more about our culture

We understand that this academic year will be different in terms of organising events however we have made the necessary arrangements for you to still enjoy our events virtually if need be. From Netflix party screenings, live cooking tutorials and group discussions we’re here for you, even if we go into a second lockdown. To ensure you get the up to date information about our society, make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We look forward to getting to knowing you, in the meantime make sure to grab yourself a membership for full access and cheaper individual events. 


The executive team this 2023/2024 academic year are the following:

President: Mustafa Khan


General Secretary: Ammar Malik

Treasurer: Muhammad Abbas

Events Officer: Aqsa Anwar & Zahra Farishta

Sports Officer: Ahmed Rana

Marketing Officer: Arwa Aamir & Sara Hussain


For more information and regular updates, follow our instagram:



We hope to see you throughout the year.

Pakistan Zindabad!


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