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Welcome to Warwick Photosoc!


Join Warwick Photography Society for the best community of photographers, countless opportunities and diverse socials and workshops.

Anyone interested in photography is welcomed no matter your experience or goals!




With our supply of both digital and analog photographic equipment and varied opportunities for photoshoots, Warwick Photosoc is the the best place for you to produce amazing photographs and share them with your peers and the rest of the university.


Our fully fledged darkroom gives you access to a whole new side of the photographic process, as well has free access to photochemicals and printing materials so you can develop new skills and show off your talents.




We host regular workshops and training sessions throughout term time on topics ranging to SLR basics, photo editing tutorials and more specialised areas such as long exposure photography.




Our socials such as our flagship disposable camera bar crawls are an amazing way to have fun with photography and meet new people who share your interests




Within the society you’ll have the chance to advance your skills and portfolio with opportunities such as sports photography with Warwick’s sports teams, fashion photography or events photography in collaboration with other societies on campus.




We take a yearly international tour to amazing destinations where you can get a break from campus like and take some amazing photos. Our most recent tour to Marrakech was a resounding success where we had the opportunity to explore and discover an amazing city and create memories and shots along the way.


We also offer domestic tours to locations such as Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon!


Get Involved


For news and updates on our upcoming events please visit our Facebook page


Check out our Instagram where your photos could be featured!


Visit our website for more information and sign up there to apply for borrowing equipment and booking darkroom times


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact through messaging our Facebook page


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