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Welcome to Warwick Photosoc!

Join Warwick Photography Society and be part of our community of photographers, countless opportunities and diverse socials and workshops. Anyone interested in photography is welcomed, regardless of your experience or goals!

We own a supply of both digital and analog photographic equipment available to be rented!

  • Being a member of Warwick PhotoSoc allows you to experiment with different cameras, practice your photography skills and produce amazing photographs.

Our fully fledged darkroom gives you access to a whole new side of the photographic process

  • We're equipped with photochemicals and printing materials, you can finally learn how to develop your own B&W film photographs!

We host regular workshops and training sessions throughout the term on topics ranging from photography basics, photo editing tutorials and more specialised areas such as long exposure photography.

  • We will be focusing on online training sessions this year including online panel sessions with Instagram photographers, introduction to FaceTime Photoshoots and a live Lightroom photo editing session. 

Join our infamous disposable camera bar crawls, where you get the chance to have fun with photography whilst connecting with fellow photographers in Warwick!

  • Due to the current unpredecented COVID-19 situation, we will be hosting park crawls as a safer, non-alcoholic alternative to our yearly event. This means everyone can join in this daylight gathering, enjoy a picnic in the sun and observe socially responsible precautions.?

Visit our official website here to find out more about us, request photography equipment and access to our photography blog  :

Follow our Instagram and participate in our monthly photography challenges to see your photographs featured here :

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Join our WhatsApp group to chat about photography and get access to both paid and unpaid opportunities :


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PhotoSoc February Elections 2023

This election is specifically to elect Exec Committee for PhotoSoc. You will only be eligible to participate for this election if you are a member of the Society.

7 posts are up for election.

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