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SU Societies

Warwick Improvised Theatre Society

Welcome to WITS, Warwick's only improv society!  We meet regularly to perform improv, run workshops to develop skills and socialise!
Improv is all about saying yes, accepting someone's idea (or your own) being spontaneous and creating beautiful, moving and hilarious scenes 
We currently run the following regular workshops:

Mondays 6:00pm-8:00pm:  A fun workshop based on short form games. These are great to build confidence, practise the basic skills of improv and work on comedic instinct.

Thursday 6:00pm-8:00pm:  Workshops focused on long form improv.  This involves looking at narratives within improv and focuses on creating stories, relationships and characters. In long form workshops we develop the skills needed to create compelling scenes, both comedic and emotional.

To find out more, sign up ( --> ) and recieve weekly e-mail updates OR contact one of our many wonderful exec members!
    e-mail (@warwick.ac.uk)
President Rebecca Diez R.Diez@warwick.ac.uk
Secretary Charlie Cooper C.Cooper.1@warwick@ac.uk
Treasurer Amir Hamza A.Hamza@warwick.ac.uk
Workshop Co-ordinator Robbie Shaw R.Shaw@warwick.ac.uk
Social Secretary Ben Har(d)court B.Harcourt@warwick.ac.uk
PR Representative Matt James M.James.3@warwick.ac.uk
Societal Welfare Sophie Mander S.Mander@warwick.ac.uk
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