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Minecraft Society

Minecraft Society

Discord - discord.gg/Car7Vzq
Minecraft server - 

About Us

Minecraft Society is a society where everyone is welcome - whether you’re a Minecraft pro, haven’t played in years, or have never played at all! Our inclusive and friendly environment means you are bound to meet new, like-minded people, and you will feel right at home in no time!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular computer video game centred around crafting and building in a sandbox world. You can either play Survival mode, where your goal is to survive the monsters (or other players) that hunt you, or Creative mode, where you have unlimited building materials and do not have to worry about survival. It truly is a game where you can create anything you wish, from a small dirt hut to a working computer!


We primarily run Minecraft-centred events, playing games such as UHC, Hunger Games, Sky Wars, and other miscellaneous minigames. We also occasionally run socials such as circles, bar crawls and more!

Our events are run on our own Minecraft server, which is accessible at any time to relax and play some Survival, or to express your creativity on our Creative world. Join us on warwickminecraft.uk (or campus.warwickminecraft.uk if you're on campus) to get started!

To stay informed of our events and to access other information, make sure you check out our social media and join our Discord server!

Exec 22-23

Eris (she/her)

President + Social Sec

Ella (she/they)


Owen (he/him)


Alex (he/him)


Felix (he/him)


Skiros (they/them)

Social Sec

Keegan (he/him)





Exec Membership

Minecraft Society - President


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