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Warwick Welsh Society

Warwick Welsh Society

WelshSoc is for everyone; not just the typical Welshies around campus! We run plenty of events, such as circling, karaoke, tour and meals! So if you want to learn something new about Welsh culture, attend a fun social or watch some great rugby then Welsh Soc is the place for you! We're your Welsh family at university, whether you speak Welsh or not, whether you even are Welsh or not.

Our society entails:

  • Weekly Welsh lessons (being reintroduced 2020)
  • Socials such as circling or meals throughout term (of course we know how to drink properly)
  • One-off socials for important Welsh events such as St. David's Day
  • Collaborations with Triple Crown (Scot Soc, Irish Soc and Northern Soc)
  • Socials with other universities' Welsh Societies
  • Domestic tour (being reintoduced 2021)

Lessons & Socials

Welsh lessons will hopefully be going ahead in the 2020/21 academic year; further details can be requested by sending an e-mail to us at CG.Warwick.WS@gmail.com or messaging our social media. Deatils on socials will be e-mailed to you after joining, and you can also check out our many social media pages if you need further information. Diolch!

Insta: @warwickwelshsociety

Twitter: @welshsoc_

Facebook: Warwick Welsh Society

Discord: https://discord.gg/ezDkg7b


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