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Tai Chi & Chigong Society

Tai Chi & Chigong Society


There's nothing quite like tai chi and chigong

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Although originally a martial art, our practice of Tai Chi and Chigong focus on using relaxed, intentioned movement as a way of easing your mind and your body. By practicing these 'internal arts' you can reduce stress and anxiety, move more freely, and clear your mind. As well as learning some movements and postures, we also focus on breathing and feeling present in your body.

The best way to find out how Tai Chi and Chigong can benefit you is to join one of our classes and try it for yourself. Almost all of our members join as complete beginners, so don't be afraid of coming along and giving it a go!

Welcome Week Classes (23/24):

We have two acessible taster sessions in Welcome Week to give you an idea of what tai chi really means. We'll be doing some simple exercises for waking up feeling, calming our turbulent minds and relaxing our nervous systems. These exercises will hopefully make life more easy, relaxed and joyous!

Tuesday 26th September 6pm-7:30pm R1.13  (Ramphal Building, upstairs on the left).

Thursday 28th September 6pm-7:30pm R1.13  (Ramphal Building, upstairs on the left).

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in (no fancy outfits needed) and bring along some water. 

Please note that our usual classes will be at a different time and place, details below.

Term Classes (23/24):

We have classes every Monday and Thursday (in all three terms from weeks 1-10) from 7:30pm-9:00pm in R1.15 (Ramphal Building, first floor). 

During this term we will use fundamental methods from Tai Chi and Chigong to explore the following core topics:

  •  Stretching without strain
  •  Breathing naturally and well
  •  Becoming centred and grounded
  •  Improving circulation of blood and lymph in the body
  •  Becoming more relaxed and present, in body and mind
  •  Learning techniques to address and mitigate anxiety
  •  Learning techniques to address and mitigate depressive tendencies
  •  Learning techniques to calm the mind and mitigate stress 

Issues, questions or comments? Please get in touch! You can drop any one of us a message on email, through Facebook or Instagram.


What do I need to bring?

Nothing at all! Just bring warm, comfortable and not-too-restrictive clothes: we'll be moving in a gentle manner. No need for fancy pyjamas! Maybe some water if you get thirsty.

What does it cost?

We charge a fixed price for the term, so that we can pay for an experienced instructor. We want everyone to have the opportunity to try Tai Chi, so please come along and try a few sessions, then decide if it's for you. 

That's it! All the info you need to make it to one of our classes. Be sure to get in touch if there's something else you want to know (look beneath our logo!).

Take care for now

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