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Freshblood New Writing

Freshblood New Writing


Freshblood New Writing

Freshblood New Writing is a drama society that has specialised in new writing for over fifteen years. In the past twelve months alone we have been responsible for seven original adaptations in the Warwick Arts Centre studio, a week-long theatre festival championing student-written plays, our very own 'Secret Cinema' styled event, a TV series, several contributions to the Warwick Student's Arts Festival and numerous other writer's workshops, socials, cabarets and trips to the Edinburgh Fringe!

Whether you are interesting in writing, directing, performing, producing or simply having a good laugh with one of the oldest and busiest societies on campus, Freshblood New Writing is the one for you. 

Things We Like Doing....

We like writing and developing student materialIf you've never penned a play before, or if you're itching to see some of your material realised on stage, our fantastic writer's workshops are the best place to start. Approximately once a fortnight, our workshop co-ordinator arrange a session where you get the chance to interact with fellow writers and develop your technique and ideas. Experience is absolutely not essential - if all you have is an idea, then that's enough! Alternatively, we will always need budding performers to read and put the new material on it's feet, so don't be put off if you're not a keen writer, we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved! 

We like plays. Here at Freshblood New Writing, we don't beat around the bush. We're a drama society. We like plays. And we like doing them. A lot. For example -

Every year, Freshblood Theatre hosts 'FreshFest', a week long drama festival which showcases 6-8 student-written plays in quirky, Fringe-like venues across campus. It sees the participation of hundreds of students whether they be performers, directors, writers, producers, designers, or tech crew. 

Since 2009, Freshblood Theatre have produced eleven plays that have been staged in the Warwick Arts Centre Studio - a professional venue situated in the heart of campus, and all of them original ideas or adaptations. To give you an idea, here are some of the trailers for past studio shows:

In addition to that, we have taken five shows to the Edinburgh Fringe and staged we-can't-work-out-how-many at the annual Warwick Student Art's Festival (WSAF). Not to mention the traditional Freshblood Christmas Panto!

But mainly we like writing plays, which is why our workshop programme is as strong as it is - we regularly get in external companies to explain how they write and help everyone with their own work!

We like having socials. Speaks for itself, really. Regular socials to see some excellent theatre (on & off campus!) and some equally excellent bars/pubs. No excuse. 

Exec 2021/22:
President: Isaac Frost
Secretaries: Charlotte Mallen-Beadle and Eleanor Bett
Treasurer: Aishwarya Sugavanam
Productions Manager: Travis O'Connor
Dramaturg: Ellie Stiles
FreshFest Co-ordinators: Oscar Isaacs and Zoe Keogh
Diversity and Outreach Officer: Keeley Ruane
Social Secs: Jon-Luke Goodman and Elodie Wilson

Marketing Manager: Phoebe Just

We suggest that all Freshblood members read and understand the written constitution as it is a requirement that all of our members adhere to the guidelines. If there are any questions about this, please contact Isaac Frost (President) or Travis O'Connor (Productions Manager)


So find us on Twitter @Freshblood T, 
Facebook here -
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