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Warwick Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO)

Warwick Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO)

Welcome to Warwick SSAGO! We are a society for anyone with an interest in Scouting or Guiding, regardless of whether or not you are a member of either organisation.

We run weekly activities, hold regular socials, termly camps, and participate in national Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) events. On top of that, we also connect student volunteers to local units in need of leaders and provide any additional support.

We organise a range of activities and socials throughout the year – from campfires to night hikes, geocaching to pub crawls, earning badges and games, and much more.

This term we are working on the Time Outdoors Badge

The Student Scout & Guide Organisation (SSAGO), enables you to continue or begin your Scouting or Guiding whilst at College or University. Whether you've been a Scout or Guide before and want to continue your adventure to new levels, or you'd like to try something new and enjoy adventurous activities, camping, and the outdoors, SSAGO is for you!

SSAGO clubs exist at many universities across the UK and are there to help students at university continue their Scouting, both in taking part in fun activities, camps, and national events throughout the year, but also in building links locally and volunteering - and of course, making new friends!

Who can join?

Short and long answer, anyone! It is not necessary to have been a member of the Scout or Guide Associations to join SSAGO.

Why would I want to join?

SSAGO provides anyone with the opportunity to meet with Students with similar interests and offers connections to the local Districts and Counties that will help you get involved in being a Leader and local sections Within the club you have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of activities, just have a look at some of our Instagram and Facebook posts of past and upcoming events. There are club meetings every week, regular socials & circling), national rallies (camps) 3 times a year, and a yearly ball.

Here are just a few reasons why you should join SSAGO:

  • Make new friends, from having a set of people from the moment you arrive, to continually meeting new people and making new friends with students with similar interests, united by Scouting & Guiding.
  • Volunteer and lead and develop your skills and abilities, learn new things, and put your skills to use both within your local community and through SSAGO and new opportunities to get involved!
  • Have fun and try new things, enjoying weekly activities at your local SSAGO group based at your university, with activities from crafts to zorbing, kayaking to hiking, camping throughout the year, international trips, relaxing around the campfire, and more!
  • Come circling and to our regular socials
  • National and international events, with 3 national Rally camps packed full of activities where every SSAGO club from every university comes together, a formal Ball and international trips, and a host of other national activities, there's always something to do!

If you are interested or just curious about what we are getting up to, fill in our interest form: https://warwick.ssago.org/club/interest and we will get back to you with all our upcoming activities and how you can get involved!

Exec Membership

Warwick Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO) - President

Warwick Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO) - Communications Officer

Warwick Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO) - Secretary

Warwick Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO) - Social Secretary

Warwick Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO) - Treasurer

Warwick Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO) - Vice President


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