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Warwick Piano

Warwick Piano

Welcome to Warwick Piano Society

The society for anyone who loves Piano!

Warwick Piano Society, the place where we piano enthusiasts meet. If you enjoy listening to piano music, or play from an amateur to competitive level, come and meet like-minded individuals who share your excitement for all things piano. Whatever ability, genre or interest. Get involved!!

Welcome Week 2023

We will be holding a welcome week event on Saturday 2nd october from 12:00-1:30pm in the ensemble room, Arts Centre. This will run in a similar format to our chill-outs and will be your chance to meet the exec and other like minded people! Additionally, we will be at the Music Centre's welcome week events.

Performance Opportunities

We hold several concerts each term in which members have the opportunity to perform to the public, usually in the Helen Martin Studio at Warwick Arts Centre. This year, we plan to have two main opportunities to perform - stay tuned for more! In previous years, we have had our Chopin Concert in collaboration with Polish Society, a mentor-mentee concert, a general Piano Soc Showcase and more. Naturally other societies want in on our pool of wonderful pianists, so as other societies put on productions or concerts, this will present another opportunity to perform. 


Held every week on Wednesdays from 7:30-9pm, piano chill-outs are an opportunity to share your love of music and pieces you’ve been practicing with other members in the society! Feel free to join us regardless of your level of ability or preferred style—we welcome it all. And even if you are not a pianist, do come along and enjoy the music!

Mentoring Scheme

We have amazing talent at this society, if you’re looking to nurture someone else’s or improve yourself, take part in our voluntary mentoring scheme. We’ll have an opportunity to meet the mentees and mentors at the start of term before you commit to being teacher and student for the year.


Members can further take an active role in workshops and masterclasses given by instrumental tutors and visiting musicians. These are offered free of charge to all members, and have in the past included workshops on performance technique, sight-reading and Jazz improvisation.


We also coordinate trips to see professional recitals at venues such as Birmingham Symphony Hall, Warwick Arts Centre and in London. Check out our calendar to see where we plan to go, don’t miss out on these fantastic trips!

Stay connected!!

Receive the latest updates on our events by liking our Facebook page! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the execs at

COVID-19 Update (and join us on Microsoft Teams!)

September 2023 update: Chill-outs should be back to normal now! However, you can still join us on Teams here.

We hope to see you soon at the next Piano Soc event!


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