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Economics Society

Economics Society

Welcome All

For those that study economics, or have any interest in the subject, you are looking at THE society to join! It will cost you absolutely nothing, and you can get involved in all of the following:

The Warwick Economics Society Speaker Series aims to provide our members with access to world- renowned speakers from across the economics, politics and business spectrums. We hope that by providing the opportunity to interact with experts in their respective fields our members will be kept abreast of world developments; and inspired to go on and shape the economic landscape. Last years speakers included Mark Wright from the Apprentice and George Parker, the chief political editor of The Financial Times.


With the support of our sponsors, ICAEW, Compass Lexecon, RBB Economics and Oxford Economics, we are able to organise frequent events and insights into a variety of different career paths. This includes the famous Spring Week Panel in Term 1, where representatives from our sponsors come to share share tips about the application process. We also host an array of formal and informal networking events with representatives from prominent firms.


We provide an excellent platform to meet, socialise and network with fellow students of similar interests. The society hosts a huge range of events throughout the year, including several Fresher Socials in Term 1 to help first years make new friends, including our infamous Adoptions, as well as a Summer Party in Term 3 to celebrate the end of the year!


Warwick Economics Society organise both a domestic tour in Term 1 and a foreign tour in Term 2, which provides another great opportunity to meet other members and course mates. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we are able to subsidise the cost substantially, allowing you to visit amazing places and make new friends all for a hugely discounted price! Last year we travelled to Newcastle on our Domestic Tour, and Barcelona for our International Tour!


In February Warwick Economics Society will host it’s annual ball, where all members of the society are able to dance, dress up and party as we come together to celebrate a great year before the stress of exams takes over!


Warwick Economics society have football, basketball, and netball teams at both social and competitive levels. Sports teams are a great way to get involved with the soicety and meet other economics students whilst keeping fit and enjoying a break from studying. This year we are looking at expanding our teams and introducing tennis and rounders clubs for those who prefer racket sports. 


We offer members the opportunity to become more engaged within their local and global communities. Through our food & clothing drives, volunteering programs, new Microfinance scheme, and fundraising events for impactful non-profits, we hope to enact positive change in the lives of the socioeconomically disadvantaged. We also partnered with Unicef and participated in joint events, such as Take Me Out and Fast-24 where society members fasted for 24 hours in an attempt to raise money for malnourished children in Liberia.

Assumptions is Warwick Economics Society’s official student-run magazine and blog, filling you in with the latest economic news and current affairs. Written and published by students, we aim to explore topics and issues in economics, politics and other related disciplines. If you wish to write an article for our magazine or blog then do not hesitate to contact; applications for junior editor will open during term one. 


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