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Warwick ASEAN Conference

Warwick ASEAN Conference

Warwick ASEAN Conference

The Warwick ASEAN Conference (WAC) is the first student-run ASEAN conference in the UK. Established in 2015, WAC has grown to be one of the largest symposiums of its kind, attracting hundreds of UK-based youths from Southeast Asia and other countries to gather and engage with a distinguished panel of Southeast Asian dignitaries and speakers. WAC seeks to provide an opportunity for students to grapple with pressing developments in the Southeast Asian region, build networks with our esteemed partners, and celebrate ASEAN as a thriving entity. Each year, WAC is supported by ASEAN embassies in the UK, prestigious corporate partners and sponsors, and a team of committed and talented individuals seeking to make the conference a success.

Warwick ASEAN Conference, much like the Southeast Asian region, is an open community welcoming all who are interested in Southeast Asia: whether it be for the culture, for career development, or simply for making friends with people from a diverse host of countries. We aim to provide a medium where students could build new connections and gain a deeper understanding of the roots that tie us together. We would love to see your faces in the conference - and perhaps you can even take part in our organising committee! 

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