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Warwick University Drama Society (WUDS) is an award winning society devoted to producing excellence in student theatre, that always has at least one play in production. Our focus lies with published plays, actively encouraging students to take works by everyone from Shakespeare to Sarah Kane and do exactly what they want with them. Whether it be a fresh and original re-interpretation of your favourite play or just a convincing performance of a classic piece, WUDS is there to help your ideas become reality.
Membership of WUDS entitles members to a wealth of resources, most notably access to funding, venues and assistance with all aspects of show production.

Opportunities include positions in directing, producing, acting, stage management, set design, costume design, sound engineering, lighting and even musicians are encouraged to get involved. As well as having access to the studio theatre of Warwick Arts Centre, WUDS supports productions that wish to occupy alternative, less-conventional venues.

As well as the obvious activities, joining WUDS gives students access to a large social-network of like-minded individuals. The society holds regular workshops to enable students to learn more about specific areas of theatre production, from acting and directing, right through to marketing and lighting. In addition to this, there are regular socials, parties and trips to see theatre productions which also make the membership invaluable to any lover of theatre.

This society is run for students by students – step up and get involved.

Executive Team

President - Liv Tayor

Productions Manager - Emily Nicholson

Charities and Secretary - Travis O'Connor

Treasurer - Rory Gallagher

Diversity & Outreach Officer - Bernice Leigh

Social and Welfare Secretaries - Lily Sitzia and Helena Massoud

Marketing & Publicity Manager - Sam Taylor and Em Lawrence

Tour and Workshops Co-ordinators - Kate Laister-Smith and Margo Lebioda




  • Welcome to WUDS Presentation

    Here is the Powerpoint from our first WUDS Event - the Welcome and Information Meeting.

  • WUDS Constitution

    The WUDS Constitution outlines the code of conduct and rules under which our society is run.

  • WUDS Risk Assessment

    The WUDS Risk Assessment outlines how the exec will deal with any potential safety issues which may affect both the exec and our members.

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