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German Society

German Society


Warwick German Society 



Hallo und willkommen! 

The Warwick German Society is an academic society therefore we aim to bring you the support you need in German, should it be for your classes at uni or because you’re trying to learn the language by yourself. Hopefully you’ll find the help you need through our some exclusively German speaking events (which doesn’t mean that there is not plenty of non German speaking events) and if you reach out we’ll put you in touch with some of our native members.  

Because yes! We welcome absolutely any level of German as long as you share an interest in the German culture or language.

We also organise loads of non-academic events: activities, socials, sports, trips and more! Among this year events: drinks night, pub quiz, lunchs, themed night out, cultural trips and… a winter ball! 

We hope to see you join and to meet you at one of our events! 

Bis bald,

The Warwick German Society


E-mail address german.society@warwick.ac.uk 

For more info follow our instagram account: @warwickgermansociety 

Join our Members WhatsApp group chat (link in our insta bio) 

We are working on our Linked In account for you!


President - Kate Grimsdale

Secretary - Isobel Poland

Treasurer - Ollie Gee

Social Secretaries - Mia Brown and Lorea Morales Alvarez

Academic Officer - Tünde Henz

Welfare Officer - Mia Brown

Publicity Officer - Gabrielle Casset


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