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Welcome to Warwick Pantomime Society!

pantomime, noun: "A theatrical entertainment...which involves music, topical jokes, and slapstick comedy and is based on a fairy tale or nursery story."  Oxford English Dictionary

Founded on the basis of inclusiveness, Warwick Pantomime Society invites anyone and everyone to join in and have a go! Whether you're a seasoned stage presence or have never set foot on one before, there's always a part for you. We put on a pantomime every term, so there are lots of chances to get involved!


Our aim is simple: everyone who auditions gets a role!

Even if there aren't enough roles in the script, we'll write one in for you! If that wasn't enough incentive for you to come along, our membership is free!

And if acting's not your thing? Behind the limelight of every show there's a team of incredible people who make it all possible. Whether you're into costumes & props, set design, scriptwriting, directing, tech or just want to be around for the fun and socials - Panto Soc is a place for everyone!

If you've got bucketloads of enthusiasm and a fondness for brightly coloured costumes, then Panto's the society for you. Whether you want to get involved on or off stage, join below or find us on Facebook to find out how you can get involved!

We also run socials every week so if you're not keen on joining our shows yet but want to hang out with us (because we're so cool), you can!


Our shows support charities!

For every pantomime we vote on a different charity which we'd like to support and donate 100% of our profits directly to them.


Where to find us

We rehearse every Thursday 6-10 pm and run socials every week! Join our WhatsApp Chats to find out more, or follow our Instagram! You can find all our social medias through our linktree


The Exec (2024/25)

President: Joshua Womble (he/him)

Vice President: Freja Hogsander (they/them)

Treasurer: Echo Vaughan (he/they)

Social Secretaries: Billy (they/them) & Eva Kennedy (she/her)

Marketing Officer: Billy Parkes (they/them)

Artistic Director: Jessica Birks-Kent (she/they)

Music Director: Gabby Stone (she/they)

Tech Officer: Beck Sewart (they/them)

Welfare: Ellie Stocker (she/her) & Gabby Stone (she/they)

Equality & Diversity: Felix da Silva (he/him)

Environmental Officer: Eva Kennedy (she/her)

Health & Safety Officer: Echo Vaughan (he/they)


Upcoming Events

Cluedo: A Murder Mystery Pantomime - Afternoon
23rd June 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Cluedo: A Murder Mystery Pantomime - Evening
23rd June 5:30pm - 6:30pm


Join This Society

Current students should purchase the Pantomime Standard Membership below.


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