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Warwick Aerospace

Warwick Aerospace

We’re Warwick University’s student society for all things aerospace and spaceflight. We give students of all disciplines the opportunity to get involved in exciting-space related projects, as well as going on trips and meeting like-minded people.

Warwick Aerospace (formerly Warwick Rockets) was founded in 2014 by a group of students who wanted the opportunity to work on space-related extracurricular projects, meet other people interested in aerospace and spaceflight, visit relevant places and get involved in the growing Newspace movement for themselves.

This year we’re going to start more exciting and ambitious projects which will lay the foundations for future work towards being able to launch stuff into space! We’ll also run beginners’ workshops for budding rocketeers, go on trips to aerospace-related places (all on Earth, at least until the University’s minibuses are certified for human spaceflight), build connections with industry and hold regular events so you can meet your fellow space enthusiasts.

Exec Membership

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