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Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts

Voted Society Of The Year 2019/2020!

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts Society teaches Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks.

Cheaper than the gym and an amazing way to get fit - Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts is the perfect society to build strength, get more flexible, build confidence and make lifelong friends. We're a supportive and inclusive society that anyone is welcome to join regardless of gender, level of fitness or previous experience. 


We offer a variety of lessons including:

  • Pole Dance
  • Aerial Hoop
  • Aerial Silks
  • Strength and Stretch conditioning 
  • External workshops
  • Jams (where the equipment is left set up for free use - literal free use as jams are free)

Don't worry if you've never touched a pole or been upside down before, we have lessons for all levels!


First of all, everybody is welcome! WPAA member or not, drinkers or non-drinkers, just come along and get to know everyone!

WPAA is more than just classes, we are also incredibly active socially! We hold themed circles in the Terrace Bar - think circle time but with drinking games - and create Families to help you all settle in and get to know each other. We regularly organise one-off socials such as club nights, meals, picnics, ice-skating, days out and more. We are also starting to introduce more sober socials, such as coffee breaks in Curiositea!


WPAA also regularly perform, whether that is our Christmas or Summer Showcase, for SU events or society balls. For more information on performances, check out our YouTube channel for videos of previous years. We also compete as a university and individuals in local, national and international competitions, such as IUPDC and IUAHC which we enter every year. In 2019 we even hosted the Midlands heat of IUPDC at Warwick ourselves and won!
You don't have to perform as part of our society but if that is something that interests you then there are plenty of opportunities for performing and competing at all levels, with lots of support available to help you build your perfect routine!


Where? IKEA Membership Space (next to the Pharmacy downstairs in the SU atrium) for pole lessons and The SU Atrium or The Graduate for hoop and silks lessons - lessons will be in the SU Atrium unless specified otherwise but always feel free to ask if you are unsure!

When? See the timetable below. We will try to give notice of cancelled lessons but we recommend joining our WhatsApp chat/following our Instagram to be notified of cancellations!

I’ve never done pole or aerial before, where do I start? Either come along to a free taster session in weeks 1 or 2 of term 1 and have a try, or sign up to any beginner class through the year. Your first lesson is always a free taster, where we’ll take you through your first steps (literally!). If you want to try us out without committing to a membership, you can reserve a space in a beginner class by messaging any of our social media pages asking to reserve a space.

Price? Outside of uni the cheapest pole classes are normally around £15 and the average around £20, but we provide fantastic lessons for just £4 per lesson! You can even buy a lesson card below to get the classes even cheaper. These do not confirm your place in lessons, however, so please still sign up to classes!

If the below links do not work please remember you can purchase lesson cards in class with cash. Also, please let us know so we can get on fixing them!

  • 15 Lesson Class Pass: £32

  • 20 Lesson Class Pass: £40

  • Term pass: £50

    Lesson cards can be used throughout the whole academic year (across terms), only the term pass is limited for the term in which you bought it. LESSON PASSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, AND THE RESALE OF PASSES ON OUR OFFICIAL GROUP CHATS IS PROHIBITED.

Lesson cards come in the form of physical cards that are ticked off every lesson, so if you buy online, please make sure to go to a teacher at your next lesson and show them your email receipt so they can write one out for you!

What should I wear? The best attire for pole lessons is a short sleeved top, shorts and bare feet. Please do NOT wear moisturiser or fake tan on your body 24 hours before pole lessons as it can make the pole slippery and dangerous for you and fellow members. We recommend against leggings or trousers as you generally need skin to be able to grip onto the pole, however, feel free to wear whatever makes you most comfortable
For hoop and silks, wear clothing that covers your skin (we recommend covering your legs, midriff and armpits, no one wants friction burns!) but is not too baggy e.g. leggings. Feel free to wear socks for hoop but silks is best with bare feet.

How do I sign up? Get yourself a Society Federation membership, then a membership for Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts Society below. Then click on the link below for sign ups (or scroll to the bottom of this page), which are put up each Sunday at 12pm, midday. 

We use a strike system for sign ups, if you have signed up for a lesson and can no longer attend we ask that you: A) remove your sign-up from the sign-up pages and B) Let the exec/your teacher know, usually this is done by messaging the Insta page or the Welcome to WPAA WhatsApp chat but any way of getting in touch with us works.
If you complete those steps more than 2 hours before your lesson start time, no worries! Your lesson is cancelled! However if you give less than 2 hours notice, or give no notice at all, you will recieve a strike, and if you recieve three strikes in a term you will then have to pay full price for any lessons you miss.

We don't like giving strikes (and no one likes getting them!) and this system is primarily to catch out those who consistently sign-up and then don't show up, so please do not worry too much as long as you try to let us know!

For more specific information on WPAA’s class times, socials, performances, FAQs and to find out more about our exec, check out our Instagram @warwick_pole, join our WhatsApp chat and join our Lounge! We'll do our best to answer any questions you DM us and of course you can also email us via su419@warwicksu.com. You can also check out our website as it's a great hub of information that can answer most questions!

Links to all of these places are here in our linktree: https://linktr.ee/warwickpole or you can click "Visit website" on this page!


Remember, WPAA is for Everybody and Every Body!



Exec Membership

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - President

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Treasurer

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Aerial Officer

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Marketing and Outreach Officer

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Pole Dance Officer

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Publicity and Communications

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Social Secretary

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Tour Secretary

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Vice-President

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - Welfare

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts - WPAA Secretary


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