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Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts

Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts

Voted Most Inclusive Society 2015/16!


Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts Society teaches Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks.

If you want to take after Bendy Kate or just get fit without setting foot in a gym, then WPAA is for you! Forget what you think you know about pole and learn to see it as the art form and sport it really is. Whilst we encourage our members to look good on the pole, our aim is to get fitter, more flexible, challenge stereotypes and have fun in a friendly atmosphere! Everyone is welcome at our student led lessons; see below for more information and check out our social media and our website.


Overall we offer 19 hours worth of regular classes a week. These cover beginner classes, intermediate and advanced classes, conditioning, flexibility, hoop and silks classes. Don’t be overwhelmed, you can come as many times a week as you would like and suits your ability level. Just sign up to the society and sign up to classes below. We also hold extra workshops run by exec and by external instructors and run collaborations with other societies.


First of all, everybody is welcome! Polers or non-polers, drinkers or non-drinkers, just come along and get to know everyone!

WPAA is more than just classes, we are also incredibly active socially! We hold weekly themed circles in the Terrace Bar - think circle time but with drinking games - and create Pole Families to help you all settle in and get to know each other. We regularly organise one-off socials such as club nights, meals, picnics, ice-skating, days out and more.


WPAA also regularly perform, whether that is our Christmas Showcase, for SU events or at Kasbah. For more information on performances, check out our YouTube channel and our Events and Performances page on our website. We also compete as a university and individuals in local, national and international competitions - check out our Hall of Fame page on the website to find out more!


Where? IKEA Membership Space (next to the Pharmacy downstairs in the SU atrium) for Pole lessons and The Copper Rooms or The Graduate for hoop and silks lessons.

I’ve never done pole before, where do I start? Either come along to a free taster session in weeks 1 or 2 of term 1 and have a try, or visit any beginner class through the year. Your first lesson is always a free taster, where we’ll take you through your first steps (literally!).

Price? Outside of uni the cheapest pole classes are normally around £15 and the average around £20, but we provide fantastic lessons for just £4 for Standard and Associate Members, £5 for Warwick student non-members, £8 for External Non-Member Pole and £10 for External Non-Member Hoop and Silks. You can even buy a loyalty card below to get the classes even cheaper. These do not confirm your place in lessons, however, so please still sign up to classes! If the below pass links do not work please remember you can purchase lesson cards in class in cash payment. 

What should I wear? The best attire for lessons is a short sleeved top, shorts and bare feet. Do NOT wear moisturiser or fake tan on your body 24 hours before Pole lessons as it can make the pole slippery and dangerous for you and fellow members. For Hoop and Silks wear clothing that covers your skin but is not too baggy e.g. leggings.

How do I sign up? Get yourself a Society Federation membership, then a membership for Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts Society below. Then click on the link below for sign ups which are put up each Sunday at 12pm, midday. If you are not a student at Warwick University then thats not a problem, simply purchase an associates membership for the society and follow the same steps for signing up.

For more specific information on WPAA’s class times, socials, performances, FAQs and to find out more about our exec, visit our website. Be sure to keep up to date via our Facebook page (information on classes, socials etc.), Facebook community group (private group for sharing of progress and inspiring videos), Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube! You can also email us via su419@warwicksu.com.


Remember, Anyone Can Pole!




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Current students should purchase the Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts Standard Membership below.

This membership will be on sale from the 1st September 2019
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