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Stop & Listen – Homelessness Action Society

Stop & Listen – Homelessness Action Society

»Welcome to Stop & Listen - Homelessness Action Society«

We are a brand-new society at Warwick for people who want to do something about the huge issue of homelessness and rough sleeping, which is so visibly and invisibly affecting thousands of people in the UK and beyond.  

In 2018, Coventry counted 2,077 homeless people, meaning that 1 in 173 people are homeless, the second-highest rate in the West Midlands.

(Source: Coventry Telegraph, 24 NOV 2018

To STOP & LISTEN means to not walk past the problem and to take action instead. 

We want to... 

  • start a conversation with people facing homelessness to learn about their challenges 
  • raise awareness on campus and beyond 
  • educate ourselves on policy and possible solutions to end homelessness
  • volunteer and support local charities

Your chance: 

Being a brand-new and growing society, every single member has the opportunity to shape what we do and how we do it with their unique skills and ideas. We are excited about every motivated person that wants to help create change and spread humanity and love! We will make sure that every voice can be heard! 

How you can get involved in this society: 

  • voice your ideas and opinions and help to grow this society 
  • attend speaker events and discussions
  • support fundraising campaigns 
  • volunteer with like-minded people in partnership with local charities*

*Volunteering opportunities will depend on the current Covid-19 situation

Feel free to ask as as many questions as you'd like through our social media channels and follow us for updates: 




We're excited for you to join!




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