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Welcome to Warwick Law Society

Warwick Law Society is one of the most prestigious and successful societies on campus. We are proud to have been running for over 50 years, each year accomplishing bigger and better challenges. This year our Executive Committee are looking forward to improving existing areas and expanding into new ones ensuring that Law Society is providing the best events and services to our students.

We aim to add to our members’ experiences of Warwick, by providing them with a range of activities to get involved in and events to attend. Our exec are responsible for managing all the different areas of our society including Careers, Mooting, Negotiation, the Obiter Dicta magazine, Pro Bono, Academic & Welfare, Socials, Law Ball, Law Tour and Sports.

Each year, we also elect First Year Representatives and Postgraduate Representatives onto our committee in October Elections. In 2017/18, for the first time, we elected new positions to our committee, namely an Equal Opportunities Officer and an Intervarsity Officer. For 2018/19, we have agreed to continue electing these positions in our upcoming October elections. For more information, stay updated with our social media networks. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to check out our new website recently launched this summer: www.uowlawsoc.com.

With an increasingly competitive graduate job market, we strongly believe that as a society we need to keep up to date on what employers are looking for and give our members the opportunities to demonstrate these skills. We therefore strive to ensure that employability is kept at the heart of all our initiatives. This focus is strongly supported by our partnerships with sponsors and alumni who help us maintain this ethos.

Our events and activities encourage the further development of relationships between students and develop social, networking and legal skills that help our members become successful. Our Alumni Network provides opportunities to connect with alumni and our members form bonds with other students and employers that will last well beyond university.

Executive Committee

  • President - Lucy Young
  • Vice President - Charlotte Chan
  • Treasurer - Karan Purain
  • Careers Officers - Grace Rasmussen & Ananya Bagri 
  • Academic Officer - Izzie Janssen 
  • Publicity and Marketing Officers - Aurora Chan & Pavan Badyal
  • Mistress of the Moots -  Berlinda Tan
  • Master pf the Moots - Dylan Wildman
  • Negotiation Officers - Rhys MacCarter & James Furber 
  • Pro Bono Officer - Mary Collingridge
  • Obiter Dicta Editors - Tahreem Khan & Candace Arthur
  • Summit Coordinator - Sasha Shankar
  • Speaker Secretary - Hannah Forbes 
  • Law Ball Coordinators - Audrey Chikosha & Aisha Rouf
  • Social Secretaries - Hera Hamiti & Lucas Burke
  • Tour Secretaries - Karolina Potasiak & Andras Sarosi
  • Sports Officer - Ella Zimmerman
  • Non-Law Officer - Brigita Perednyte
  • Equalities & Welfare Officer - Etta Mukasa
  • Intervarsity Officer - Christopher Kuo



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