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Enactus Warwick Society

Enactus Warwick Society

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Enactus Warwick is a global non-profit organization active in more than 40 countries and over 1800 universities. Dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial skills of university students in a way that is both effective in developing their future careers and meaningful to the community, we aim to develop projects that enable progress through entrepreneurial action.

We’re a leading society on campus for social impact through our high quality projects and experience. Students undertake an intense commitment to our projects towards a bigger vision of how we want our world to be.

For more information, visit us at www.enactuswarwick.com or facebook.com/enactuswarwick

Social Enterprise

We believe in entrepreneurial action to change the world for the better. Although making profit is essential for a social enterprise to be self-sufficient, our main priority is to solve a specific social or environmental issue. That is why we have gathered and continue to search for people with enthusiasm, creativity and a passion for entrepreneurship to lead our projects.


Enactus Warwick Consulting is a student-led pro-bono consulting group which offers strategic advice to businesses, social enterprises and charities. Our work centers around using entrepreneurial action to cultivate positive social change. As a result, we consult multifarious start-ups, business, organizations and charities whose work and goals we deem to be socially impactful.

Innovation Unit

Serving the broader business community our Innovation Unit is a first of its kind venture undertaken by an Enactus team to develop the existing projects and generate new ideas. Our main aim is to find solutions to problems (in line with the UN sustainability goals) not only in our local community but also internationally that can act as the foundation for a new social enterprise.

Getting Involved

Our culture is genuinely social, supportive and collaborative. We all get together every few weeks to celebrate project successes, resolve project challenges, learn from each other and have fun. Our team sets the bar high. Our people drive our projects.

Missed the deadline? Couldn’t apply? Couldn’t find the role you are looking for? We still encourage you to become a member of the society as we hold many exciting events and useful training throughout the year.


For more information on getting invovled, visit us at www.enactuswarwick.com / enactuswarwick.com/joinus/

See our latest events and updates at facebook.com/enactuswarwick


Our Sponsors Include; Barclays, HSBC, EY, Arla, Unilever, Amazon, VISA, ASDA and many more.


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