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Warwick Tap

Warwick Tap

We are Warwick Tap, one of Britain's longest running dance societies run by students! Voted 2019's Best Society Under 100 Members, we offer a range of classes on a weekly basis and perform in a variety of shows, festivals and competitions. One of the biggest events in our calendar is Pizazz! This is the university's largest dance showcase organised by Warwick Tap, which brings together hundreds of dancers from over thirteen other societies. Regardless of ability, we are a fun and friendly society that welcome anyone! 

Our classes are taught at a range of levels so there is something for everyone!

Beginners: This class is perfect for anyone who once tap danced and wants to pick it up again, to those who have never even seen a pair of tap shoes before! In a relaxed environment you will start with the basics, learning simple steps that will gradually be built up, before becoming part of a full dance routine. In term two, you will then have the chance to perform this routine in Pizazz (of course this is only if you feel ready, there is absolutely no pressure to perform!). With tap shoes to borrow for those that don't own a pair, this class is ideal for anyone wanting to learn the basics!

Intermediate: Building on from beginners, this class is aimed at those who have grasped the basic steps and are able to learn at a faster pace. Moves such as suzie cues, pull backs and triple time steps will be taught for those who are familiar with tap and want to learn something more complex. You will be given the opportunity to perform in a number of showcases including the term two spectacular, Pizazz!  

Advanced: The hardest level we offer, this class is for those who feel confident in their tap shoes, have been dancing for a while and have a good knowledge of tap! Building on steps from intermdiate level, you will be taught more complicated routines at a fast pace and will have the opportunity to perform in many showcases, inlcuding the tradition of performing the very first dance in Pizazz! 

We also offer the chance to perform in competition routines across the UK! This opportunity is available to intermediate and advanced members who wish to compete at a national level. No previous competition experience is required, so everyone is able to get involved! 

Classes are held on a weekly basis in Westwood Dance Studio

Price: £2.50

*Unfortunately due to current COVID-19 restrictions we won't be able to run in person classes in term 1. Instead we will be running online classes for all three levels using microsoft teams at a reduced price of £1.50. Our first week of classes will be free, then you will need to purchase tickets each week from the su to receive the class link. We will be releasing more information as to how to book classes shortly!*

Exec 2020/21:

President: Kelly McNamara

Vice President: Mary Pinching

Treasurer: Tallulah George

Head of Teaching: Lily Sitzia

Publicity Officer: Thea Day

Show Co-ordinator: Faith Newman

Costumes and Kit co-ordinator: Grace Chitty

Social Sec: Natasha Boulton

Social Sec: James Feetam

Secretary: Kiera Evans

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on either our Facebook page or send us an email. Alternatively, you can send a message to an individual exec member; we are always happy to answer any questions you have! 


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