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Club Exec Training

Clubs Exec Member Training

We offer a range of training opportunities to equip you with the knowledge and skills to run your society successfully. This will help you be more effective in your Exec Member role, and make the process of running your Club as fun and engaging as it can be!

Newly Elected Exec? Start Here!

Firstly, well done on becoming an Exec!

To support you, we’ve developed a range of online training resources to prepare newly elected Execs for their role. Courses are tracked and some are mandatory depending on your position, so please go through the courses and check which you should be completing before you can begin running your society.


Section 1 – Finances

Essential Finances (Mandatory / Treasurer

Using Student Group Finance (Mandatory / President & Treasurer

Charity Fundraising for Clubs & Societies (Mandatory if running charity fundraising events. Otherwise optional) 

Sponsorship (Optional

Funding (Optional


Section 2 – Event Planning

General Events Planning (Mandatory / President & Anyone Organising Events

Organising a Ball (Mandatory for Ball Organisers / Otherwise Optional) 

Trips & Tours (Mandatory for Tour Execs / Otherwise Optional) 

Risk Assessment Useful Checklist (Optional


Section 3 – GDPR

GDPR (Mandatory / President) 


Section 4 – Using the SU Website

Adding and Removing Execs (Execs updating their exec)


Section 5 – BUCS

Captains (Mandatory / Captains of BUCS teams)


Are you a President, Welfare Officer, or Trip Leader?

If so, you should also complete the Club & Society Essential Skills online training, which includes Duty of Care and provides an overview of your upcoming activities and responsibilities to your members. You can find this training here:

Club and Society Essential Skills

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