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Safeguarding guidelines for Club/Society activities

Under 18 members of a club or society

As an Executive of any club or society you must check with the SU's Student Activities Team if you have any members who are under 18, as safeguarding agreements are needed from the member who is under 18 and their parent/guardian before they can commence any club or society activity.


Activities that include engagement from people who are aged under 18

When a club or society is planning an activity or activities that will include engagement from people who are under 18 you must follow the process below:

  1. When you start planning your activity, you must arrange to meet with your Student Activities Coordinator to explain how and when the minor(s) will engage in the activity.
  2. If the activity involves inviting school groups to engage in your activity, when communicating with the school please ensure that you inform them that it is a requirement for the minors to be accompanied by either the school representative or guardians.
  3. The Exec will need to contact the school's Safeguarding Officer, as it is the school's responsibility to carry out DBS checks if these are required. DBS checks may be required when you are in contact with the same students on more than one occasion.
  4. The Exec must complete a specific risk assessment for activities that include engagement from minors. This must be submitted with your Event Planning Pack.

    Minors attending activities Risk Assessment
    Safeguarding Risk Assessment Guidance
    Event Planning Pack

  5. A minimum of 2 Execs will also need to ensure that they have completed the University Safeguarding Moodle.

    Safeguarding Essentials Moodle Course

  6. If it is a large event, then Community Safety at the University will need to be made aware.
  7. When communicating with minors it should always be professional and carried out through the supported networks with their representatives/guardians. Do not use communication methods such as WhatsApp, adding them to your social media accounts, etc.


If you require any further information on this, please contact studentactivities@warwicksu.com.

Should you have any specific concerns regarding any member's conduct in relation to those under 18, or should a member or school person disclose a concern to you in relation to safeguarding, please contact the Student Activities team immediately, or report your concern by clicking here.

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