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General Events

Events are a great way to showcase your Club/Society, recruit new members, reward your members or even just to socialise - but they need to be organised in the right way to ensure everything is safe, financially feasible, and runs as smoothly as possible.

If you have any problems throughout the process, just contact the Student Activities Team (Sports or Societies).

Deadlines (These are minimum guidelines, the more notice given the better)

General Events: 2 weeks in advance 
Large scale events : 4 weeks in advance (This is anything that requires a contract signing/is a formal dinner or equivalent. Bear in mind this may need to be longer depending on when payments are due.) 
Domestic Trips: 4 weeks before travel date 
International Tours: 1 Term before travel date (This is equivalent to 10 working weeks. If you are unsure you can meet this, contact your coordinator before the 10 week deadline.) 
Balls: 1 term before proposed date (This is equivalent to 10 working weeks. If you are unsure you can meet this, contact your coordinator before the 10 week deadline.) Please note, a Ball is an event that has a meal, music/Dj at an external venue. 

External speakers: 21 days before the speaker event (please note if this is for a Conference the event pack needs to be approved before this.) 



DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS or confirm details until the event has been approved by your Sports/Societies Coordinator.  The SU will also be able to sign contracts on behalf of the Club/Society so that no individual members have to take on legal or financial responsibility – and therefore risk – for any of the elements involved in the event.  On no account should you sign any legal document, contract or commitment yourself as this would leave you individually liable if anything were to go wrong.

Charity Events

Charity events are treated the same as normal events in terms of planning packs. The charitable aspect of your event should be organised directly between your club/society and the charity you're working with. Visit this page for some advice https://www.warwicksu.com/societies-sports/exec-resources/activities-and-planning/rag/ or contact your Student Activities (Sports  or Societies ) team for further help. 

For charity events using Warwick Sport Facilities, please see box below

Warwick Sport Facilities


Charity Events

  • For charity events using Warwick Sport Facilities, please click here for the guidelines.

General Events Process – Step-by-step

  • Who will be attending?
    • Members? Non-members? Alumni? Guests? Spectators? U18's? Attendees with accessibility requirements?
  • Where will it be?
  • When will it be?
  • How many people?
  • Do you require transport, food, alcohol, bad weather contingencies, venue deposits?
  • Will cost to members be reasonable while still covering the cost of the event?
  • Will you have external speakers?

When do you need an Event Planning Pack?

  • Trips, Tours, and Balls will always need a planning pack.
  • Basic gatherings do not need a planning pack.
  • General events:
    • As a general guideline, if the answer to any of the following questions is “yes” then you will need to complete an Event Planning Pack.
      • Will tickets be sold for the event?
      • Will Club/Society funds need to be spent to subsidise the event?
      • Will the planned activities have any potential safety issues?
      • Are there contracts to be signed?

The planning pack has 3 initial elements:


  1. Event plan and facility request form
    • Fill this out for ALL events, only fill in the facility section if Warwick Sport Facilities are required.

  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Financial Planner

And 3 additional elements depending on the event:


  1. Tickets (If tickets are required on the SU website)
    • Create the event on the SU Website (Guide)
    • Make sure that the display date of your event is at least as long as you want the tickets up for.
    • Fill out the Ticket Request Form
  2. Trip Leader and Trip Registration Form (For EVERY trip/tour, submitted MINIMUM 48 hours before the event, can be submitted whenever you know all attendees)
    • This should be EMAILED to your coordinator (not posted on teams)
    • You can collect this information via online form. However, you have to make it clear that clicking submit is giving permission for the information to be shared with the SU/University. If you do this, you don't need to collect signatures in person.
  3. Accident Report Form/Near Miss Form
    • Submitted via email after the event EVEN IF no accidents occurred. There is a section on the accident form to indicate that no accidents occurred.


Email all relevant documents to studentactivities@warwicksu.com

Your coordinator will then be in touch to advise on any amendments, or to approve the event.

Once your event has been approved, you can create your event page on the SU website, and submit your ticketing form for us to upload your tickets onto. (Please note: all tickets must go through the SU website, no external ticketing platforms can be used).


With Warwick Sport Facilities 

Submit on Teams:

Event plan and facility request form



First point of contact:

Warwick Sport

Once facilities are confirmed

Submit on Teams:

  • Financial Planner
  • Risk Assessment
  • Any additional documents (quotes, contracts, etc.)

Second point of contact:

Sports Coordinator

Once planning pack is approved:


Ticket Request Form

Run the event

Submit via email to Sports Coordinator:

Accident/Near miss form

Without Warwick Sport Facilities

For any events without Warwick Sport Facilities, submit planning pack and all relevant documents on your club’s teams channel and tag @eventrequest

  • All society and sports club promotional material (flyers, posters, digital screen artwork, etc.) must have the Students’ Union logo displayed on it.
    • You can download the SU Logo here
  • SU Website
    • You can set up your own internal article to display to your members when they log in by following these steps:
      • Log into the SU website (www.warwicksu.com) and click the ‘Admin’ (cogs) tab;
      • Select your club/society under ‘Organisations’ (you must be an exec member to do this);
      • Click on ‘News Admin’ and select ‘Add News Article’.
      • Upload all relevant content (images, event description etc) and save.
      • Note: please make sure the box marked ‘Allow Non-Members to Read’ has been unticked before you save your news article.
  • Piazza Big Screen
    • Please note that this is run by the University rather than the SU. Contact details, specifications and submission info can be found online here.
  • Student Media
    • RaW 1251AM (Radio Warwick)
      • RaW, the student radio station, also offers on air advertising to clubs. You can contact them at marketing@radio.warwick.ac.uk for details of special student rates.
    • Student Cinema
      • Offers publicity opportunities on either the big screen, their LCD screens or in their booklet. They are also happy to host joint screenings if arranged sufficiently far in advance. More information is available here.
    • The Boar Student Newspaper
      • Offers full, half, and quarter page ads at hugely discounted prices to clubs. Email sales@theboar.org.
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