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Once your event is planned, approved and set up you will need to arrange tickets.  Before this can be done you'll have to set up an Event page on the website - see the Publicity and Marketing page for details on how to do this.

When setting up tickets consider the following:

  • Make sure you allow enough time for people to buy their tickets and enough time between your off sale date and payment deadlines for the entire payment process to be made. Please see the payment methods for details.  

  • Tickets take up to 3 working days to set up, but may take longer during busy periods – please factor this into your planning time

  • Post sale price drops are only allowed if it is advertised from the start that there will be a drop in price before the ticket sales close

Using the Sales Reports tool in your online admin resources you can track ticket sales and get a Purchasers report detailing who has bought tickets, and a Customisations report to see any data collected in response to any questions added to the ticket purchase process. To do this, please go to your admin tools -> sales reports -> purchasers report/customisations.

For very complex ticketing queries, please contact for help.

(Please ask your treasurer for the code if you’re unsure, it should be in the following format, for example J14-X01-1831)

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