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External Speakers

Anyone coming onto campus who is not a Warwick student or a member of University or Student Union staff counts as an External Speaker within the WSU/University of Warwick External Speakers policy.

Please note, this policy also applies to online or virtual talks, where you are inviting an external speaker to speak at a Society or Club organised event online.

It is essential that any Club or Society inviting such a person completes and submits - a minimum of 21 days beforehand - an External Speaker form, giving full details of the individual and an overview of the content they will present.

The SU will assess the Speaker and the subject matter in light of its obligations to support freedom of expression, protect from harm to the community and incitement to hatred, and ensure the safety of students, the speaker, and the wider public.  The University has a legal obligation under the Education Act 1986 to secure the development of students' ideas and understanding in the form of academic freedom on campus, as well as an obligation to ensure the health and safety of participants and the general public.

No event involving any external speakers may be publicised or considered confirmed until the speaker has been approved, and WSU reserves the right to cancel, prohibit or delay any event with an external speaker if the policy is not followed or if health, safety and security criteria cannot be met.

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