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BUCS Information

Important Documents/Resources 

All of these forms are available at the Team Warwick Office in the SU

  • Team Sheet - Fill in on BUCS Play. If you are having problems then fill in the paper copy attached, bring to your match and get it signed. Bring it to your BUCS Coordinator the morning after your fixture.

  • Playing Under Protest Form - bring these to every fixture! If you want to appeal the result of a fixture based on a broken rule or regulation, complete this form and send it to your BUCS coordinator by 12pm to day after the fixture.

  • Match Officials Expenses Form - when claiming money for match officials, make sure the officials complete this form and attach it to a money request form as evidence.

Weekly To-Do's

Day Action Required

Wednesday Teams: Ensure your team sheet is uploaded to BUCS Play

Confirm your referees for Wednesday

Confirm your travel details with BUCS coordinator, or if self-travelling, confirm with teammates on method and tickets

Tuesday No action required

BUCS team sheet open for approval 1 hour prior to Kick off

Post-match – if the home team captain, submit scores into BUCS play app

Hand-in/email any Accident Report forms and Playing under Protest form


Wednesday Teams: Input game score to BUCS app if home team captain by 12pm

Any PUP forms must be sent to BUCS Coordinator by 12pm

Saturday Teams: Ensure your team sheet is uploaded to BUCS Play

Friday Check emails for BUCS Fixtures Forecast which includes transport allocation
Saturday No action required
Sunday Saturday Teams: Input game score to BUCS app if you are the home team captain by 12PM

BUCS Events

List of events - https://www.bucs.org.uk/events-listing.html 

How to enter: Check on your event page on the exact details and deadlines to ensure you don’t miss out.

Signing up - all students must be part of their communities and teams on BUCS play. Follow the below link for additional support: https://bucsappsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360035489472-How-to-register-an-account-and-join-a-Sport-Community-

Events guides: Find yoru individual sports requirements through either BUCS play app or through the Event page details. https://bucsappsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360031772352-How-to-enter-an-event


The following is covered:

  • Transportation to the fixture/event. Usually organised for you but if not then cost of transport will be covered.

  • Accommodation for overnight events: £20 per person per night ONLY

    • Submit 2 money request forms:

      • First one accounting for the £20/person/night from the X09 BUCS account line

      • Second one for the remaining balance from the X01 account line

  • Anything required by BUCS in your BUCS sport-specific regulations

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